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Presidents Week in Vermont

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So Im thinking of a trip for the 18th-21st of Feb in VT. my buddy wants to go to Killington, but I have a feeling its gonna be a MADHOUSE.  Last year we hit up Sugarbush and it was great, no lift lines at all, and barely anybody on the mountain, but we want to go somewhere else this presidents week.


We're both advanced skiiers coming from NYC and looking for a good mountain with good conditions, a few terrain parks, and a decent selection of glades


I think Killington is 4 or so hours, is it worth the extra 3hrs driving to go to Jay??

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Jay has great glades, not so much terrain park/ pipe stuff. If parks/pipe are a higher priority than I would suggest Killington,  Stratton, or  Mt Snow. As it looks now assuming no major melt down all the ski areas will have great conditions.If you are not looking to ski/ride just one place you could base yourself out of Waitsfield/ Warren Vt. and you would have Killington < 1 hr south and Stowe < 1hr north plus Sugarbush and MRG too, no snowboarders there though. Jay would be close to 1.5+ hours from that area.

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Oh im gonna FORCE my buddy to go MRG later on this season, all I've heard is rave reviews about the place and we got to 'The Bush last season in 6 or so hrs which wasnt THAT bad.


He's all about the park and I split my time between the trees and the park for the most part, Im not opposed to Killington but what can I say, I have a feeling all of the skiers/riders from up and down the eastern seaboard will be overcrowding the place..... Am I wrong to expect MASSIVE lift lines??

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Killlington is not the zoo it could be 5 or 10 years ago.  The new owners have succeeded in chasing away about 30 percent of the business since they took over 4 years ago.  Yes its busy on peak weekends, but no worse than any of the other popular areas in the Northeast.

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JimH is right about Killington now, I don't think you will see MASSIVE lines, maybe a bit long 10 minute or so on Sat of that week but not more than that in general for the rest of the holiday week. Crowds will start to taper off as you get into mid week. That tends to happen most places. The good thing for you guys about Killington is that it has some great tree runs, Julio, Growler, Anarchy etc along with 3 terrain parks and a HUGE pipe this year. It should have all you are looking for, I just thought if you were going to try different areas through out the week basing out of Waitsfield area would work better.

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No matter what resort you go to, there is always a strategy for avoiding the big lines.

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Thanks for all the good info guys!!!!


Killington it is, I cant wait to hit Julio, it seems that's the best glade run on the mountain, and I heard 'The Stash' terrain park is pretty wild. Is it true they accept Killington tickets at Pico??  And if so can you ski/take a lift to/from each mountian??


I havent been up to Killington/Pico in over 15yrs, when I was just a lil ski rat

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Tickets are cheaper at Pico, so it makes no sense to use a Killington ticket there.  No connecting lifts.

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