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Redonkulous EC Gnar TR

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I thought this was pretty jaw-dropping and needed to share it. I hope these guys don't die.

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thanks for the link epic! I hope we don't die too!! ;)

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Wow!  Fantastic TR.

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Greg keep up the good work! Someone has to boldly go where there's no way in hell others will boldly go.


edit: seriously though, as I was reading the TR, I was wondering if you had crossed Alec Stall's last tracks as you made your way over there.

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Epic, thanks for the compliments. It was a fun adventure, but ultimately one that was the result of careful preparation, and a no-jokes attitude toward having the proper gear and knowledge of how to use it in order to minimize risk. I should add that if one views this TR more as rock climbing type day than as a ski day (in terms of managing exposure, and protection in a vertical world) I think it brings the entire thing much more down to earth. In addition, it drives home the point that this TR was really a lot different than just heading off into the sidecountry with a cell phone and some extra water and food. It required a good bit more care...


No matter what though it was REALLY fun, and something I'm glad I did. Ultimately I hope others become interested in finding skiing in unlikely places on the east, and finding ways to do it safely and in a way that minimizes the risk to others (e.g. in a potential rescue party).


To answer your other question, we did in fact travel above the zone where Alec Stall passed away. The entire area (from the accident site to our ski descent) is extremely dangerous, and requires the utmost respect. Cliffs fall off in many directions, and many gullies that appear to be perfect for skiing in fact end in a 100-200 foot falls to talus or trees or both. There are no warnings, no signs, no ropes, and nobody to tell you if you're making a mistake. It's not a place for joking around in my opinion. I've spent several days per year over the course of 4 years investigating that area, and when on skis, it still gives me the heebeejeebees.  One needs to be prepared, and even then bad things happen as was evidenced by Alec's accident. Please be careful out there...

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I gotta admit I got a little queasy reading it but admire the way you prepped yourselves.  You never know when the bear's going to bite back, but with preparation, respect for the conditions and light feet you improved your chances enough to - well, for me to know you survived even while making me a little queasy.

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Splendid images.

Spare and unadorned pros.

A great day very well documented and reported.

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That impressed me.

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That's absolutely incredible and hope to one day be able to start ski mountaineering myself 

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lonewolf. it's a tremendous sport to get into. much slower than normal skiing... much faster than normal mountaineering... a wild nexus


have fun and be safe!!

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If anyone is interested there's a part two to the (other) winter carnival on FIS. this one's a bit different (perhaps less thrilling), but raised the hair on the back of my neck a bit more due to snow stability

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Het Petrics! You know we have a Video/Photo forum here? I'd love to hear what you are using. I gotta asume you are running a DSLR to shoot your porn. Interested to hear how much other junk you carry with you. I'm looking forward to getting my Pocket Wizards to play around with on the Planet X icefalls and so on.

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