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Allen Peak Tram Video

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Still a newbie at this. Fog is no longer an issue, sorry. Hell's Canyon is still in post-production.


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That was fun.  I skied there a few weeks before you.  But your shots inside the JP Lodge should have included a tour of the legendary lavatoriesbiggrin.gif


Liked the effect of switching from video to photographs of same view.  I assume the fog was just temporary moisture condensation?

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James, had fogging issues the first day wth the GoPro. Eventually on the second day I figured out that opening the housing at altitude took care of the problem. I posted an HD vid called Sister's Bowl from our second day's shoots and beat the fogging demon. I have a 12-minute vid of Hell's Canyon, but the file size is very close to MAX for Vimeo, so I will get that up when it gets processed.


Sorry about the fog. I have been an underwater photographer for almost 40-years, so i knew I would encounter some kind of moisture, just wasn't sure how to deal with it.

Glad you liked it!

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