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Free to good home - Marker Logic 9.1 SC2 Titanium bindings

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The mixture of these bindings, crud and my Salomon Supermountains just didn't work. I have pulled the bindings off the Supermountains and I'm willing to ship them to the bear residing in the USA or Canada with the best story on why they want/need them. The reciever pays for shipping upon receiving the bindings.

The bindings have about 60 to 70 days on them. The plastic skirting that goes around the heal of one of the bindings is broken but that shouldn't effect the bindings performance.
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It they are the red and white ones, I want them because they look cool and will make me really really fast!

Note: Do I win if no one else responds?
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Hello Rio

This is interesting.
I'll give you the point form version

daughter has boyfriend
it seems serious so he may be a keeper
We ski and the boyfriend doesn't
How do we solve this problem and therefore keep daddys little girl

!!! Get boyfriend skis and bindings so he can come play with us.
You could help a dad out and therefore ensure yourself a place in heaven by contributing. (our ski fund is a little low this far into the season)

Thanks for a creative thread even if i don't luck out.

"no such thing as bad weather; only inappropriate clothing
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I think you are getting him markers because you are trying to kill him... [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] Thats one way to solve the boyfriend not skiing problem. If i were you i would discourage this relationship if he doesnt ski, but i guess it could be worse, he could snowboard .
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Ha ha ha !!!!
That's Good.......never thought of some peoples dislike for Markers

I have a pair of M8.1 EPS bindings on a pair of Volkls
Work fine for me so far(2 seasons).

But.........maybe somebody else

Rio you've got send these now more than ever
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So far I've got a couple PMs. I'll decide tomorrow who gets them and mail them Friday. By the way, they are silver and black.
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I dont have a true dislike for markers, they jsut scare me, because every time i demo skis with marker bindings on them i can only make about 4 or so turns before they fall off. Ive wsiened up now and tell the rep that my boot size is 300mm when it is actually 304mm. I'm certain it is just an issue with the demo bindings. Always keep the foreward pressure up one click if youre doing any kind of aggressive skiing.
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Spinheli gave my son a pair of K2 Poachers [a early twin tip]...without bindings. Since I am Game Warden my son is convinced that we have to mount some bindings on those skis so I can ski them.
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I have someone I am sending the bindings to. His skis were stolen and the used replacement skis he is getting are a great match for the bindings.

As a consolation prize I do have a pair of Marker Speeddial 7.2 Titanium demo bindings I pulled off some demo skis this year. I was planning on putting them on some rock skis for my daughter but then it started snowing & she doesn't need them anymore. If anyone wants them let me know.
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A noble gesture to get someone truly in need, back on the boards.

You could consider this to like a dutch auction and the speedpoints go to the second next most interesting story

regards Allin
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Those that NEED something more them someone that WANTS, is sure to recieve thier needs first. Good Choice.
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The second pair is going to Canada where the recipient promised to talk to someone about why they send us their crappy beers and keep the good stuff for themselves.
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For any Canuck to comment you have to define what are the crap beers , and what the good ones are. If you are talking about Labbat's 50, wait until ice crystals form and then drink it. We don't call it pony piss for nothing!!!
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We get old Molson's Gold & Labatt's Blue. Neither are bad beers but they are underachievers compared to some of the porters, pale ales and other ales I drank when up at Red Mountain. All my Canadian friends say all the bars have urenals marked "US Export Only" and though I didn't see any in Rossland I could believe it after some of the skunked Molson's I've had.
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I think that you are refering to Molsen Golden (ale?). If that is all that you get them yes you are getting the short end of the stick. One micro brew that went major is Sleemens(sp). Great selection and good taste. What is wrong with Labatts Blue? (hometown defense here only for prosperity), I am a Canadian drinker for the most part.
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Nothing wrong with Labatt's Blue. Its a very good common beer in the class of Michelob. Just its noting special compared to good stuff up there.
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Right, common blue collar beer. So who gets the hijacking points for this thread?
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