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Hi -


I'm in the process of trying to break in a pair of Lange RX100 Womens boots and after a month starting to get a bit frustrated!


Although they are a really tight fitting boot, the issues I was having were toe bang, heel lift and foot cramping/pain.  My boot fitter has done some work, which I'll describe below, which has helped somewhat with the toe bang & heel lift (his work has helped, but on a heavy powder day I'm still getting toe bang). 


The really debilitating factor is the foot cramping/pain - it is spread across the whole base of the foot (not in the toes) and it is at its worst on the first 2 - 3 runs. It only hurts when I'm actually skiing, when I'm able to get on the chair lift and take the pressure off my feet the pain goes away.  Its also more intense the harder I ski.        


My boot fitter has punched out the toe bed, heat molded the liner with toe spacers, and we have recently added some additionally padding; C-shaped padding around the ankle bones and additional padding at the base of the tongue.  


The boots now have a fairly tight fit, but I'm wondering if this is what is causing the foot cramping/pain?  Is there something different we should be trying for the heel lift that won't take up more space in the boot?  This pain is not something I have experienced in other boots.


Or is this just part of the breaking in process (I've skiied about 15 days so far)???


I can't really loosen the buckles on the boot as I need to have them fairly cranked to keep my heels down, and eliminate space around the top of my calf/shin. 


Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!!!!