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A legend and really nice guy whom i met a while back while hiking the East Wall.


My thoughts and prayers go out to his survivers.

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Wow, I've ridden the chair with this guy.  

Thoughts to his family and friends as they remember him.

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 I saw this on Al's blog. My heart goes out to his family and friends. One of the things i love about A-basin is how it always seems like a family, even when i get to spend 3 days a year there ... this philosophy shines through. I know that he was instrumental in the operations and worked hard to keep the place safe and he will surely be missed. I applaud A-basin for staying open and celebrating Leif's too short life. It will serve as the start of healing for some.


Blog here:

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Just saw this on a friends facebook page and thought it was worth sharing here.

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Leif was a great guy.  We exchanged some crazy stories last spring.


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