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Best Valentine Ski Trips

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For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Valentine's Day, supposedly the most romantic day of the year, occurs when we're having the best skiing of the season. If you're one of the lucky ones whose spouse would be thrilled if you gave him/her a ski trip for Valentine's Day, and you could go to any ski resort, ski area, heli skiing or cat skiing operation, etc., open during that time, where would you choose for the most romantic Valentine's Ski Getaway? 

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Am I to infer from the thunderous lack of response that EpicSki is a place where they like their diamonds black and their romance confined to: 




I'm surprised no one nominated Loveland:


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One of the places that fascinated my spouse, a very fair weather skier, was Aspen.  It was a fun place to window shop and people watch.  The fact that they got 30" of snow the week she was there with me wasn't too bad


Last month I skied past this private home high up on the mtn at Alta near Sugarloaf lift.  I imagine being snowed in there for a week would be pretty romantic.drool.gif



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I think that much snow on Valentines day would get me in big trouble with my fair weather skiing wife.

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Well I think any resort for a skiing wife but to add a touch of romance, upgrade the room to one with an in room hot tub or spring for  a private condo with a hot tub and grill on the deck.  A candle light dinner, some chocolates, and a private soak in the hot tub with a view of the mountains from the hot tub, anywhere should go over pretty nicely.  This probably works for both skiing and non skiing wives.  For a non skiing wife you should pick somewhere with some sort of a village so they can go to the spa, get their hair done, or something along those lines so they enjoy a leisurely day while you ski and then come home for a candle light dinner and soak in the private hot tub.

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I'm very fortunate to have a skiing wife...who also likes to be pampered.  We'll be spending a coupla days in Aspen, Lil' Nell, dinner at Cache Cache, a coupla hours the next morning in the spa for Precious.  Meet up at the gondola around 11:30 (I'm skiing that morning while she gets spa'd)  for 4 hours of skiing together.  We come back to Aspen at the end of this month for 9 days during our Mardi Gras...This quick Valentine's trip, which is for the most part, her trip where full attention is given to her wishes.....and I still get some skiing in!  This racks up brownie points and opens that magic door to many ski and fishing trips later in the year.  I've done this trip several times and to be honest it is one of our best trips of the year...

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I'm flying out tonight, without the wife.   Somebody has to work!devil.gif


I return on Valentines day with a suitcase full of brownies from the Paradise Bakery.

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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post


I'm flying out tonight, without the wife.   Somebody has to work!devil.gif


I return on Valentines day with a suitcase full of brownies from the Paradise Bakery.

Shreder, that's right around the corner from ya ain't about the cream cheese brownies and those big, sticky cinnamon rolls....drool.gifbig cup of dark roast cajun coffee to go with them.......(reminds me to pack a pound of it)

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It's too dam close, I go once/twice a day and it shows! 


I sent you a pm with my number.  If you get out, call me from the lift!

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We need a 'two planks and a passion' contest. I need that in my library!


If my GF skied a little better, I know she would like to return to an old miner's cabin somewhere in the Ten Mile Range, south of Breck. She loved it when we hiked in during the summer. In the winter it is tour in, ski out.








For a pull out all the stops vaca and her level as it is, a trip to the Balsams ( or the Mt. Washington Hotel ( would suit her quite nicely.


Probably any hotel in Zermatt or maybe a refuge in the Alps?


K's just happy I'll be home for the 14th this year. Every other year I have known her the 14th has fallen on the Aspen SG and DH weekend so I've been away in Aspen.


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