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spring skiing tips

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My wife and I want to try spring skiing out west for the 1st time.  We are not on a budget but also don't want to go nuts.  How late in April can we safely book?  What are the best places?  Ty in advance, Alsu and Mike

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I believe A-basin is generally open til May.  Don't expect the entire mountain to be open, but there will be plenty to ski.  Make sure you put proper wax on your skis for the warm conditions...otherwise the skis will stick quite a bit to the wet snow and it's not much fun.  And remember to dress appropriately.  It gets really hot skiing in temps above freezing.  Make sure you have very lightweight jacket.  You can probably skip the jacket if you're not concerned about being wet at the end of the day.

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 Breckenridge will be open until April 24 this year.


A-Basin and Loveland probably into at least the middle of May.  I think the record at Arapahoe goes to July 4.  Given the amount of snow we've received so far this season, I'd guess Memorial Day at A-Basin might be possible. 


While spring conditions most likely would exist, at least by noon, in May, most mornings would be crispy and it's totally possible to have fresh snow.

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Tahoe - Alpine Meadows 'til Mid May Squaw early May.... others late april

Mammoth -  Mid June


typically plenty of snow..... but not so many skiers......

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The areas mentioned are your best bets. Don't know how late Copper will stay open this year, but they have the snow depth and elevation to be a contender, too.


I've never been to Mammoth, but I understand they have a nice late season, too.


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wow .  great start     ty guys

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Hawaii, best western skiing around


I think Snowbird stayed open until July 4th last year here in utah.

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The very best Corn spring snow I have ever skied was at Squaw Valley.  My son and I used to do an Easter trip in April to Squaw.  The reason Squaw is so good is because of the shape of the Mountains.  Start at 0800 hrs on Immigrant and follow the sun moving to Siberia, Headwall, Kt22 and then Red Dog usually finishing about 1230 or 1300 hours.  You can actualloy ski perfect corn snow for 4 hours by following the sun around the mt. Quit at about one and hit the bar for beer and lunch - great skiing in April.


Alpine Meadows will be open too and is a great mountain and one canyon south of Squaw.

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careful, alpine has been bought (and sold) and since then has been closing in mid April, a real bummer. Squaw is unpredictable, but usually open into some part of May.

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Copper, Vail and Breckenridge are scheduled to be open until April 24th this year due to the late Easter.  Some areas of those mountains usually close up before then but there is plenty of skiable terrain.  Not sure what Keystone and Beaver Creek are doing.


Loveland usually stays open through the first weekend of May.  Last year I skied knee deep powder there that weekend with a fantastic group of Bears.


Arapahoe Basin tries to make it into June each season and don't see any reason why they wont this year.  Mother's Day is my traditional last day now and we are usually able to ski much of the mountain with a close eye out for rocks. 


Snow conditions can vary wildly from powder to corn to slush.  All in one day sometimes.  Bring lots of options for clothing because you never know what you'll need.  It could be the kind of weather that you'll see girls in bikinis skiing or you could be in the middle of a full on blizzard.  Gotta love Colorado! 

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Steamboat springalicious events are always entertaining, usually in early April

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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

careful, alpine has been bought (and sold) and since then has been closing in mid April, a real bummer. Squaw is unpredictable, but usually open into some part of May.

In 2010 I skied closing day at Alpine & Kirkwood.....  Alpine was May 16th as I recall......  Kirkwood was April 25th.....



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If you've never skied in the spring, you might consider hiring a guide/instructor the first day or so.   Knowing what's good and when,  is a huge part of spring skiing.  


I like:





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Mt. Baker will close the last Sunday in April. As far as I know, they have never had to close early. Whistler will also be open. There was one year that the Ski-to-Sea race (Memorial Day Weekend had to be moved up the mountain 500' due to low snow, but generally there is still more than adequate snow. Last season we had our last 6"+ day in late June.

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