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Bazz - can you please enlighten me as to what exactly a "tipple" is?   Perhaps I need to head over to the TGR forums to keep up with your ski lingo!   Glad you guys are having a good time, sounds like another awesome year of skiing for you!


15th century informal noun from Middle English referring to an alcoholic drink or beverage. Doubt that TGR would be of much help in this instance.


Another day of fine companionship and stellar snow conditions, especially the north facing aspects, which were simply spectacular in Blue Sky Basin.


Took my worst spill of the season, and probably my skiing career, when I slipped on some ice in a parking lot on my way to the hill. Took a pretty fair whack on my lower back, shoulder, and elbow, then had my skis land on my chest, and to add to the disgrace, was roundly laughed at by a clutch of 2nd graders waiting for a bus. Wasn't until the end of the day when I was greeted by the final indignity, seems that my skis hit my camera, and it has now ceased to function, and it appears that I've lost all of the images that were on the CF card.mad.gif

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^^^^^ Double mad.gif !!


I was looking forward to living vicariously through those pics for a few days...

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So sorry about that fall, Bazzer! ...and the camera?!?! Oh, MAN!


The day made up for some of that, I trust...

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The fall/camera fiasco was the ONLY down side of our stay so far. Nothing I can do about the camera issue until I get back home, so am putting the whole thing out of my mind as best I can. Got a few bruises, but they only hurt when I'm not smiling. No trouble there. Company has been delightful, and the skiing divine.


The Kid and I spent yesterday with D1, Mrs.1, and Rick, and enjoyed a special treat. Got to hang with our old friend Dave, a local who is in fact the man who took me skiing for the first time, and is most likely the key individual responsible for awakening the snow-monster that had laid dormant inside me for 46 years.


Big fat flakes are coming down right now. A couple of inches covering the cars in the lot. The resort hasn't posted any figures yet, but I believe that the snow's predicted to keep falling. Could be another miserable day in paradise.


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