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Hi Guys,


I am a new please forgive me if I do this wrong.


I am a Level 8 skier (mostly Eastern).  61 plus years old but in good shape.  I ski about 15-20 days a year.  Teach part time at a local ski area.  Ski pretty aggressively.Weight about 230, about 6' tall.  Currently using 9 year old Lange L10 Race fit boots.  Liners are now packed out and my toes are banging the front (black nails on big and second toes on both feet).  Need to get new boots.  I measure slightly over a size 28 MP.  I have wide forefeet and narrow heels.  Low to mid instep height.


I have tried on Nordica HR Pro 125, Lange RS 110 wide and RX 120.  All fit pretty well right out of the box.  The Nordicas fit best, followed closely by the RS 110.  For some reason, the RX has a little bite in the 6th toe area, could have been the liner in the boot I tried on.


I have two questions:


I liked the fit of the Nordica, but wonder whether the relatively plush liner will pack out and get sloppy too quickly.  Any one have experience with that model?


I am tempted to buy the RS 110 wides, but wonder if I should be looking at something in the 120 or 130 flex area and would appreciate a recommendation, since I don't want to buy a boot that is too soft.


All suggestions and insights would be appreciated.