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Why Baseplates ?

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Is there a reason (aside from resale value) that a consumer should get baseplates on skis (that don't offer integrated bindings) ?


What are the benefits and drawbacks ?




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Sent a PM about force and leverage. But resale is non-trivial, as is ability to reposition bindings without drilling. Or in some cases, to remove the bindings for travel. 

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Thank-you !

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Yer welcome. Be forewarned, though, that there are other schools of thought, based on stability, which is a touch better on flat mounts. So everything's a tradeoff. I make lotsa turns, don't weigh so much (plates allow the ski to flex more naturally, usually) and have bad knees, so for me, plates on wider skis make sense. But I draw the line at 100 mm, actually, since IMO above that you're slarving/smearing turns in soft snow, or should be, and the mechanics are different. And some of my skis below 100 don't have plates if I plan to use them for sidebounds, hiking to soft snow stuff where weight counts.


Finally, keep in mind that a Duke has major rise to it. The same contingent who believe in flat mounts often have Dukes or Freerides. So....more tradeoffs. biggrin.gif

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