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Dalbello shell sizes different for different models?

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I am using a Dalbello boot from about 5 years ago now that is a mondo 23.5 with a shell length of 265 mm, I assume--that is stamped on the shell near the inside heel). I wear a size 7 women's shoe maybe creeping up to a 7 1/2.


I am looking at buying a pair of Krypton Storms that is new but from 2007. The shell length, I am told, for the 23.5 is 276 mm. Do boot shells differ that much by model? 


I am pleased with my boots from a fit point but the liners are feeling packed out. I am also considering just getting intuition liners and putting them in my old boots. 


Also, I know that the shells of ski boots span two sizes. Is that consistent from model to model and year to year for the same manufacturer? And, how does Dalbello do that--23 and 23.5 same size or 23.5 and 24 same size.





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the .0 and the .5 are the same shell for most companies and dalbello included


for just about all brands, anything under a 270mm is a 22 shell.   in dalbello my 25 is a 295 and it is 10mm per size...   work backward on that and 265 = 22.

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It is not uncommon that sole length vary between models in the same company or sizes with different companies. We want the overall fit of the boot to be correct regardless of the size. Good luck

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Thanks for the responses! The paper work on my 6 year old or so says 23.5 and the boot bed says 23. It's definitely shorter than the 23.5 Tecnicas Attiva Pros with a 277 shell that I just bought. I'm a little bummed because the Tecnicas (which I bought online based on mondo point) feel like they would be great--very snug especially side to side but a bit roomier than I'm used to front to back. I love the snug heel in the shell but even with my custom footbeds and extra shims, I have movement in the back. 


I checked the shell but it's different from my Dalbellos which have less curving down the back of the shell. The Tecnicas really have a significant heel pocket. Comparing the measurements, I get one pencil behind my heel in my Dalbellos and about 2 in the Tecnicas. I would have thought I'd like a shell with a little more room because I feel like my feet have lengthened a bit since I've had kids and my toes have been feeling a bit squished in my Dalbellos but I'm not liking the space.


Any opinions on whether a good bootfitter could get the Tecnicas working for me? Or should I just start from scratch at a good boot shop?



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Oh, sorry one more question. I don't really understand the modo point/shell size issue. If the shell is one size for two mondo points, what is the difference in the boots? Is the 23.0 liner a bit shorter or maybe thicker? If I were buying an intuition lined boot, what's the difference between the 23.0 and the 23.5?



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There typically are no differences between the 23 and 23.5.  Just marketing hype



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