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need major help

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I have the head edge ltd.  I started out the year with a technica dragon.  Those put my foot asleep so i swapped them out for the edge.  After a few nights of sitting in the heads i felt like i could use them on the slopes.  I was wrong.  feet feel asleep.  These are a high volume boot.  The boot is a 26.5 and the liner is actually a 26. I decided the liner needs to be stretched in the toe box.  What else can we possibly do.  It feels like the foot is falling asleep in the middle and just radiating out and down to my toes. Aside from moving some buckeles we have not done anyting else.  I have superfeet insoles, and am debating on trying the stock insoles.  Any help would be great.

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thinner socks

leave the toe buckles OPEN (not just loose, but OFF)

remove the thick footbed. adn try with no footbed or a thinner, more supportive one.


have you skied in them yet?  try that too.   skiing is usually better then sitting on the sofa for breaking in a boot

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I have been wearing a super thin ski sock.  I have skied in them and after 2 runs had to take them off for a couple minutes and then head back out.  I have an appointment for tomorrow night to get adjustment.  I think it might be the superfeet footbed i have in them.  I think they arent supportive enough.  Last night i wore them while wathcing tv.  I stood in my ski position and noticed the bottom of the feet goign to sleep.

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You need the dynamic motion of skiing to truly feel the fit of a boot. Sitting / standing does not help. Do you have wide feet? Do you have to buckle boot snug to hold feet down?

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i do not think i have wide feet.  I have been told i have a high instep which would make sense for me to have a high volume boot.  After going skiing tonite for a few runs to try and figure out the problem I think it is the superfeet insoles I have my feet feel cramped almost like they are not supporting my foot enough.  Moving the buckles seems to elminate alot of problems with top of feet hurting.  Once the bottom of feet started to hurt though so did the top.  before the buckle adjustment the top of my feet would hurt within 10 minutes.  Would custom insoles elimiate this foot problem.  I wouldnt say that i have to buckle the buckles to tight.  I am big calved.  any other suggestions.  the boot fitter says i should try the atomic b tech 120 so i am going to try that tomorrow night.  based on how that feels we will go forward with smaller liners such as intuition or custom insoles.  I leave to go skiing the 23rd so hope i can solve this problem rather quickly.

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Do you need a footbed to keep your feet from going to sleep in your street shoes?  If not, then lack of support is probably not causing the problem in your boots.


Burgman is correct.  Go skiing.


What size foot do you have?



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no i do not.  my foot is anywhere between a 9.5 to a 10.  The boots i have are a 26.5

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the pain on the bottom of the foot only happens when standing in line for life and actaully skiing.  I think the foot is collapsing to much.

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I'm aware of that and possibly you are correct.  But why doesn't it happen in your street shoes and during everyday standing.  Your street shoes probably don't have any more support than the boots do.


Boot size sounds correct.


Before I used custom foot beds to solve the problem I'd do a shell fit at a ski shop than can modify the boots and I'd look for contact between the arch of my foot and side of the shell when your heel is firmly seated in the heel pocket.



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The boot person swapped out insoles tonite. She thinks it might have been to aggesvie of an arch for me.  Im headn out to the slopes tomorrow for a test run.

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Sounds as if you are not using a custom footbed and I'm guessing you are using a Superfoot off the shelf.  If that correct?



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You mentioned you have a high instep. Have your bootfitter measure your  instep. Sizing in boot may be issue. If instep measurement is greater than the length of your foot try a longer boot and see what overall fit is like. Good luck............

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This is probably not a volume issue. Need to know where the foot BEGINS to throb or tingle. This should supply us with enough information to fix. More than likely it is a fallen Met arch. Will check for your reply.


No stretching of the liner. Flip the boot upside down and see where the "break" is. Does it say 26-26.5? If so, your liner is correct. The thickness of the footbed is decreasing volume in boot, probably not the issue. Where is ur instep buckle setting during skiing? It shud be on 1st or 2nd notch, if not, we may have to move u CLOSER to the shell.


Lastly, we need to check ur flexibility at the ankle. Get into that later if we havwe to...



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the flexibility of my ankle is good. They added  heal lift last night.  It seems as though it is dalling asleep on the outside edge of the right foot the most.  She says that part of my foot is extra meaty.  She swapped out the footbeds for a different pair, pain subsided but still there some.  She recommeneded punching out the side some.

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