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Major pain / 6th toe, what steps to do first.

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Here is my situation:

I am a former racer who is currently doing a beer league and 2-3 days of free skiing a week. I have this year developed a 6th toe which is taking every ounce of aggressiveness out of my skiing.


I am skiing on some Nordica 150wc dobermans that are at least 4 years old and this is the first year I have had this problem so I am not sure what the best avenue to fix it is. Here is a picture of my foot.




While I was away this past weekend I had them punch out my boots a little just to make it throu the weekend. I had them do it minimally because I don't want to have un-necessarily wide boots that will cause me to boot out every time I strap on my gs skis.


The boot is stock, the footbed is stock. Up until now (26yrs old) I have never had any custom work done on my boots. This year I developed the same problem on both feet. I have even resorted to not wearing shoes while sitting at my desk at work to give them time to heal. I would like to know which steps I should take first to correct this problem.


I have been doing ice baths to help reduce the swelling. I'd like to avoid surgery and hopefully be able to mtn bike in the summer without problems as well.

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Have a competent boot fitter grind your shells in this spot or stretch it farther, but don't procrastinate or it will keep growing.  That boot shell is thicker than you may think so a grind will probably do the trick.


I wouldn't worry about booting out because of a 5th met head punch.  Comfort is far more important!



good luck

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Donut and done. Either have a bootfitter put on the liner or u can putbunion pads with sticky back on the skin temporarily.

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Bud is right and punching the boot for a 6th toe won't make it feel too wide.  You might also have someone check for closeness of fit around your navicular and medial malleolus.  If they hit the shell when you turn your forefoot is pushed laterally.  If necessary make some room there.



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another +1 for the grind also may be worth looing at a low volume supportive insert, your feet will have changed over the years and they may be just a little unstable in the boot


oh yeah and while you have your feet out get some vicks vapour rub on those toe nails morning and night for a few weeks, it will get them looking liek they should again

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SteepCreep you don't mind if we discuss medical treatments on your dime do you?  Colin  vicks?



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Do you guys not have that over there....I know you have their nasal inhaler as Alain Baxter got a ban in the SLC olympics for using a US one rather than the GB version due to different contents

The vaporub is great for killing off all sorts of foot issues, most of the pods over here recommend it rather than the proprietary treatments
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we have Vicks.  And of course being American I'd typically ask if you have it over there.  I just had no idea it actually had uses other than for old women and wives tales.



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