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Canyons 1/2 day... where to ski for big vert... 9990?

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Doing the 1/2 day Quickstart at the Canyons.  From the searches I've done, it seems it can be tricky and time consuming to get around.  That said, I don't want to spend the day traversing from area to area, and would like to focus on an area or two.


We're all advanced level, but we prefer speed to bumps.  We typically like long extended vertical runs, which is why our only day in Park City will be the free one.  Last year our favourite Utah runs were the top to bottom stuff in Peruvian Gulch (minus the runs off Cirque as they were all really bumped out, and maybe a little above where we are skill-wise), and the Olympic Downhill runs at Snowbasin.  


For the long stuff, my little bit of research tells me the best bet would be from the top of the 9990 chair to the bottom of the Tombstone chair... though things might be a bit slow on the Rhapsody trail.  Is that a decent starting plan for a couple runs?  Would 9990 be hugely moguled?  After that, where should we go?  Is there anywhere else to get some 2000 vert plus runs?  


As well, would there be any good spots to search out some fresh(er) stuff come Wednesday?

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If you are set on The Canyons for your 1/2 day quickstart, then don't expect too much in the way of long vertical.  Nothing on 9990 is groomed so it will be very "Cirque" like in its makeup - lots of crud/cutup powder.  I think your best bet would be the Tombstone chair.  The plan: park, get on the Cabriolet, transfer to the Red Pine gondola, exit and head left to Chicane which takes you down to Tombstone.  From this chair, you have a few longer vertical runs (which are not in great abundance at The Canyons), Diamond Ridge and Cloud Nine being the longest.  If time permits, you could take the Timberline transfer chair from the bottom of Tombstone to the bottom of the new Iron Mountain section which also has a few nice runs, but again, nothing very long.  Be aware though that if you move over to the Dreamscape area, it's a bit of a drag to get back to Red Pine.  The advantage with this plan is it's fast.  The other option would be to take the Orange Bubble Express, ski down Super Fury, Black Hole, or Badlands to the Super Condor Express,and from there ski down Aplande or Kestrel to the canyon runout (typical of many runs at "The Canyons"). 


You might get more bang for your "big" bucks by going to Deer Valley (gasp), parking at Silver Lake (kind of midmountain), and then ripping all the groomers you can find off of Bald Mountain, including some nice powder in the trees (they report 10 inches new today).

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I agree 9990 is not the place for bombing, but I'd vote for laps on Condor over Tombstone to get your vert fix. Also Lookout Ridge off the bubble chair, especially if its windy. Definitely no reason for you to go to Dreamscape (unless there is lots of new snow) or Iron Mt (for any reason). I'd also do Canyons over Deer Vally, as its 15-20 minutes closer to the airport.

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 But DV does have some of the best groomers around...

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We're all snowboarding so DV's out.


About 9990, chopped up powder is fine... as is crud as long as its not too crusty.  Full on leg blasting moguls- not so much... especially on the first day.  We'll save our lactic acid quotient for Snowbird.

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