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...and it looks lie 40's and 50's next week.  Not cool.

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i wouldn;t get too discouraged-when i was there it was a solid 15 degrees at the peak and 30 at the base. stay higher up and the temps shouldn;t be an issue. they are predicitng more snow this weekend, get it while it lasts!

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As Yogi said... "It ain't over 'till it's over...

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I would say that today was another "top 10" day, but I have had way more than 10 of those in the past month.



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I'd agree with top 10. In fact, I had some of my best runs of the season today.


Was it me or was there significantly more snow in the middle of Snowbasin today (Sunday) than at either Strawberry or John Paul? Seemed like an extra two or three inches there versus anywhere else. Just wish I figured that out before 3:30 : )

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Definitely less in Strawberry, but I only had 2 runs there late in the day.  The rest of my day was spent lapping JP & the tram.  Never took a run off Needles, but Pork Barrel & 119 often have the deepest snow.  It was all skiing great though :) .


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You gotta love mountain weather...last week it looked like spring was arriving this week in force, but this morning it looks like its going to winter at least through the weekend if not beyond.  I can't wait!  My Keepers were the first (and only thing at this point) packed.

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Yesterday? You shoulda been here today!  (that's a variation on an old surfer joke... maybe you were...) another 10+ bluebird powder day...

 Left the camera at home.. shot these art pics with the I phone...bright sunlight freaks it out, not so secret resort, not so secret area, third lap.








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 wow!  the gift that keeps on giving!  and i thought i was lucky to have hit it at the end of march.  sadly some of the resorts like alta will close by 3rd week of april with over 550 inches of snow on the base.....


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Alta is open until May 1st this year.

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I takes all I can takes and I can't takes no more!!!!!!  hopmad.gif


They are calling for another 1-2 feet by the end of the week so used those miles and $150 cash and I am on my way Friday night for 4 more days! Sat-Tuesday.


Hope the forecast holds out. This will be my last hurrah this season.


Pow pow here I come.......again! Making up for last season and then some!

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Good decision.


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Hey Steve! Sorry I missed you last time out. Are you back home in Maui collecting some of that free Japanese radiation? Did you get to ski with Dirk?

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Mr. Crabs, how's the snow? Has it been light or is it starting to come down with a little more moisture content? Not that it really matters, lol. Just curious.

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would be awesome if this weather pattern continued well into may/june! 


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Lol, my bank account won't hold out that long!

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Skied with Dirk, Daphne and Hubert today. same group with additon of vince at Alta 2 days ago. snow was awesome. Not heavy. Today sunny and warm at snowbird. Can't complain. Stormy starting tomorrow evening until ASaturday.


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I'm in Friday night. Hope the weather doesn't hold us up.


Sorry I am missing you guys but just had to finish up this job.


You didn't step on Vince's foot or toe or anything again did you? I'm hoping he'll be able to ski with me a few days if he's not "injured"! wink.gif

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when i was there, i was marvelling at how great the conditions were as a snow starved easterner.  then I had to remind myself that while those were epic days by my standards, to the locals it was just....."monday"!


toughest thing was deciding where to ski with all the choices.  Brighton with 20 reported inches of snow versus Snowbird with only 12?  can;t lose either way!


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I have a window I could get some skiing in the week after next.


Any guesses the current situation woudl hold up? No crystal ball needed, just the usual pattern (or lack thereof in the area).

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The pattern since febrary has been warmth, followed by moist SW flow and storms, followed by cooler weather, rinse and repeat. Depending on when you hit it will either be great pow, or warm mashed potatoes. No corn cycle so far.


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It has been dumping all afternoon :) !

Snowy car 001.JPG

This like 2 hrs. worth.



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And the totals (so far) are;  with Deer Valley today's apparent winner...


Fresh Powder at Deer Valley

Deer Valley Resort has received another 15” of fresh Utah powder in the last 24 hours! See you on the slopes.
Last 72 Hours 18"
Snow Depth 128"



  But the Cottonwoods  hit back with the extended forecast... (and tend to under report)


Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 100%

Hi 25 °F

Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 100%

Lo 14 °F

Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 90%

Hi 19 °F

Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 80%

Lo 14 °F

Chance Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 30%
Hi 21 °F

Mostly Cloudy
Lo 17 °F

Chance Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 40%
Hi 31 °F

Snow Likely
Lo 16 °F

Snow Likely




 However, lapping an empty chairlift at DV during a storm day when the regular guests are huddled in the lodge is an experience not to be missed...


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so weird for the front side mountains like Deer valley to get so much snow so late in the season.  about this time they are winding down but snowbird, alta, brighton and solitude still go strong.

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Where to go tomorrow morning? Looks like no matter where I go I can't go wrong!


The Snowbird snow cam 24 hour video is awesome!

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Go high. The higher the altitude the better the snow. Bird is an excellent choice. I sadly, am going on a long planned trip to Moab... oh well. Enjoy.

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Thanks Mr.C Sorry to hear you're out of town but it looks like you have had a great year and probably will get another few days in. LCC road is closed until 8:30 or so. I may go to Sol or just climb back into the rack and head up to Alta in a bit. Got in late and hit the rack about 1 am. Did get myself some Surface powder boards right at 7 am. 191, 120 underfoot. Those should keep my big azz self above water I hope.








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So, HJohn how was it. I wernt to Solitude with son Nick. Great day. Plenty of powder. Hopefully the skis worked for you. Looks like Cottonwood canyons will be good tomorrow as well. Sadly, I will have to leave. Been a great week tho.


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I will hopefully post some video later, but here are a couple of pics I got of my friend Ryan today.

Ryan Pow 002.JPG


Ryan Pow 003.JPG


It was goood!



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Originally Posted by Mr. Crab View Post

Go high. The higher the altitude the better the snow. Bird is an excellent choice. I sadly, am going on a long planned trip to Moab... oh well. Enjoy.

I'd like to feel sorry for you, but Moab ain't a shabby way to miss skiing.

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