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Wasatch Conditions

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How is the skiing currently in Park City, the Cottonwoods, and Snowbasin?  How has the snow over the past couple of days made it?  Heading out tomorrow to ski for 5 days and trying to plan which places to hit.  Thinking 3 Cottonwood days, one Park City, and possibly one Snowbasin if they get any snow.

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Not much of a storm. More wind than precip. The ski hill in logan is skiing nice this weekend considering.  Wind was form the NW but only about 2-3" of fresh on Sunday. Stuff on the leeward of exposed ridgeline and trees were skiing best with ~6-10" of blown in on Sunday but depth was variable and the snow was light so more dust on crust than supportable creamy wind buff. Rest of the mountain was mostly hard packed and firm chalk. Maybe the cottonwoods have better snow. NW wind favors them with lake effect.


My advice is to ski the hill you know best and look for sheltered areas that will catch snow blown in from the N / NNE.  Ski with a local if you can they will know where to go. Also, could take a lesson and tell the instructor you want more of a tour.

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We were at Snowbird yesterday. There'd been a bit of snow but not a heap. There was a decent fall about a week ago, that's packed down a bit now. It's been snowing most of today, even down in Salt Lake, friend in PC said they had 4 inches on the ground down in Park Meadows so there should be a fair bit up higher (I'm headed up there tomorrow, before my flight back to Australia).


Next few days is looking good for some steady accumulation.

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Looks like the bulk of the storm finally hit.  Alta is reporting 16", Park City areas around 10".  This should provide a fun few days.  Thinking of hitting Alta or Brighton tomorrow as I know every inch of those areas.  

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Sounds like Alta got the bulk.  Snowbasin is only reporting 4".  Skiing was fun yesterday afternoon when the snow started.


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Just enough snow today to put in some tracks,,,  Bluebird.com.


.com 001.JPG


.com 004.JPG


How was Alta?




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Big snow in the Wasatch last night & today!



Not the enormous amounts being reported from the Sierras, but definitely a major snow event.



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Today was the best powder day of the year I have had. Snow was actually light (unlike mostof the storms we have had this year). About knee deep and up to about waist high in spots.

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I second that tromano

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I skied Alta today with the 15" fresh

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Anyone ski Powder Mtn. today?

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No, but I skied Solitude. 25 inches was conservative when you went through the gates. Best powder day of the year so far.

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Originally Posted by sohasm67 View Post

Anyone ski Powder Mtn. today?

No. It was a toss up for me: Powder or Snowbasin. Chose Basin because it was reporting more snow this morning. I go threes on the best day of the year, despite the heightened crowds. Powder should be good for the rest of the week, unless it's way crowded for Presidents Day. Either way, should be another couple of good days.

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The most people I have ever seen at Snowbasin today!  Even with that, a nice refill of snow last night made the conditions great.


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The most people I have ever seen at Snowbasin today!  Even with that, a nice refill of snow last night made the conditions great.


The snow gods are having fun with us this year. The two biggest storms of the year, both during the biggest crowds of the year.

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And it rained on MLK.

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Just have to say that conditions are going off in the Wasatch right now.  Even though it has been very busy, I have managed to get a few free runs every morning this week.  Nothing like first tracks!  Today was a break with sunshine while the next storm is knocking on the door.


Some pictures from the John Paul area of Snowbasin this morning:


Allen Peak

Prz Layton 009.JPG


Second Lap up JP

Prz Layton 007.JPG


No Name from the base

Prz Layton 003.JPG




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LOoks spectacular, Jim. Leave some lines for the guests!

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Beaver Mt. Presidents Day 2 PM

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@Mike, I have begrudgingly left more than my share of tracks for out guests this week cool.gif.  Mine have been more quality than quantity.


@Tim, Nice vid!  I think you guys got the most out of Tuesday nights refresher.



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I hope this keeps up until I get back out there in April.

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I just talked to a guy at the Ramada in SLC - he said they're getting a foot of snow in the hills... heh heh

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Still dumping.

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Originally Posted by tromano View Post

Still dumping.


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   From the concierge:


20" New Snow

Fresh Powder at Deer Valley

Deer Valley Resort has received another 20” of fresh Utah powder in the last 24 hours! See you on the slopes.

Full Ski Report click here.

Last 72 Hours  27"

Snow Depth  118"


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Going to finally make my first appearance 3/13-20. Whats the outlook for the next few weeks? Storms seem tobe lining up one after the other!

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Yesterday was a great day at Alta. It skied much deeper than the reports. Visibility was horrible, even for Alta. I haven't seen any forecasts beyond the 7-day and tend not to pay attention to anything longer than that anyway. Looks like the possibility of more snow by the end of the week, but by 13 March, who knows? Base is 159 inches so it still should be good anyway. Need to go. Got to hit the powder again today before it all gets skied away icon14.gif

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I've been hearing bombs go off all morning and the occasional ROAR following from the PC resorts. Time to go....

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Yeah Z after I posted that I thought "who knows that far out", lol. Was just excited I finally am going.


Shatner and the Big deal gave me a really good offer from 3/15-3/22 (Tues-Tues) $318 rt so I jumped on it. Hey it will be great I know.  A whole week! My quads will be screamin.

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Very jealous of whoever is there now. FWIW, computer models show no end to storminess for next 15 days. Not too reliable past a weeek of course, but GFS has consistently been showing storms still hitting in 3-10 to 3-13 range. Plus plenty more before that. Hopefully pattern continues.

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