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As the post states im looking for a new pair of ski's, i currently ride a pair of Volkl Wall's 169.  I've had them for about 3 season now and while i really enjoy riding i'd like something that holds more of an edge.  I am 5'4"and about 150lbs, would say im an expert skier maybe not the most technical but there really isn't any part of the mountain i wont ride.  I ski about 10-15 days a year in vermont and 7-10 west coast.  I loved how light weight and agile the walls felt, esp in the trees or riding bumps.  I'd like to be able to get a ski thats just as agile but holds more of an edge on the groomers and crud that we tend to ski here on the east coast, yet still wide enough to bring out west.  I appreciate any advice you guys can offer, been riding this forum for awhile finally decided to join and ask a question


thanks for the help