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express wax, when to use?

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I was in the shops a while ago and saw express wax (toko).. but I wonder, is it of _any_ use during a skitrip of a week when your skis have gotten a "real" wax treatment in the shop?


When is this type of wax useful, if useful at all?



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It depends.  A week is a long time if you ski all day every day.  It may work when you have nice packed powder and some dusting of fresh snow here and there.  But a week of spring skiing will suck out all the wax out of your skis.  A daily spritz of a spray-on or a dab of a liquid can keep the skis performing quite well for a week.  Beyond that, I like to treat my skis with a full spa treatment, including a wax iron, hot scraping, edge touch-up, etc.

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