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First visit to Hunter this season.  They have added many recycled ski and board chairs outside the resort, nice touch, they are quite comfortable.   They are promoting free ski valet and also have this new key lock system that I think you buy the key or lock and it can be used on similar racks at other resorts.  There must be a ski theft issue there that I havent been aware of th_dunno-1[1].gif


Out front is also a large wooden structure looking like what they use for fireman training, or adult sized jungle gym, I assume it has to do with the new zipline, reported to be the tallest and longest in North America.


The new lift, seats six, replaces the quad main lift .  The entrance to the lift now has automated gates like I have seen used in some European resorts.   The pickup point leaves a little to be desired but I can see where it can also be helpful.   Where you stop to wait for the chair immediately drops away, so if you happen to not stop exactly where you are supposed to you will fall about a foot and a half down.   This is bad because can fall, but good because if you slip off the chair while mounting the lift there is less of a chance that you get knocked in the head  by the chair now passing over you.   Don't know if it moves any faster, didnt feel like it, but the cable slack and the bumpy ride as well as sudden drop after each of the first few towers is a bit unnerving, and every time had everyone on the chair yell out a "whoa"!   Up top the lift drops you off sideways as opposed to straight out like the old lift.   


There was 100% snow coverage in all the trails I went down, snow was firm or soft and very little to no ice. West side was in great condition with little or no ice.   As usual minimal crowds back there, and you basically went down and came right back up with no wait.   However the front side was packed, and even with the huge new lift, it seems that there were way too many people for the capacity of the lifts.   Maybe if they add another of those sixers to replace the other front side lift things would be more alleviated.


Did not see a half pipe there this season, but the terrain park seems to have doubled in size.


The lodge seems to have gotten even better with regards to food offerings, no complaints there....well sushi wait was a little ridiculous other than that all was good.   But Hunter as well as many other resorts is plagued with people who see it fit to leave all their junk at or under the dining room seats, thus not letting people who actually want to go eat have anywhere to sit.   They really should forbid this and to me it was the single most frustrating thing about the whole day   They need to post signs disallowing this highly inconsiderate practice and have employees go around and collect peoples junk and dump it all into a large community bin....leave your stuff at a table go dig for it in the hamper.  It took me 30min to find a place to sit....I was fuming.hopmad.gif


No more gear bins, just bag check now, and no more locker tokens, now you pay for a key at the bag check window to use the lockers.


It was supposed to be 22*-27* and 80% chance of wintry mix.   Driving up there it started to snow hard, huge flakes that in minutes blanketed everything with about an inch of snow...just as quickly it warmed up.  What we got then was 40*+ all day and lots and lots of rain. Never skied in such wet conditions before, made things pretty miserable, my leather gloves were soaked.   Made visibility very difficult and the heavy wet snow was the cause of me catching an edge towards the end of the day resulting in a rather nasty fall, body and neck is all aching and thumb is a bit beat up.


All in all it was still a great day, its always a great day when you get to ski.  ski.gif