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Better than duct tape -- a digital contest

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At SIA we met the inventor and owner of the company that makes these leather finger patches for outdoor gloves, the One Up Company of Scottsdale, AZ, whose motto is "Patch. Prevent. Personalize."


The product is called Just the Tip. From the company description:


"Just the tip is a protective covering that easily slides over the fingers of your gloves, preventing or repairing the wear and tear of a gnarly winter. Plus, they're customizable, so you can add a little flair of your own."


Here's some more EpicSki flair on the most deserving gloves in our house--though they would look better on leather:



We'd like to pass these two finger tip repair kits on to two more deserving pairs of gloves. Please post your photos in this thread to be considered for the 2-finger or 3-finger kit. I'll PM the winners for shipping info. 

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I just figured out recently that I wear the 1st two fingers of my gloves out unbuckling my boots every run. I have a very low volume foot and have to have my boot very tight while skiing but not while riding. Let me know if these work. I am definitely a candidate for this before I wear out my pair of  SWANY leather gloves. The duct tape on my Smartwools and Scotts doesn't work very well(also my old hotfingers.

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too far gone?


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I only have enough kits for five fingers. Alas, those gloves look like old friends. 

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That is TOO funny. I must redirect before commenting on the possibilities! You rock lady,

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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post

too far gone?


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That looks like somebody rides a rope tow? I hate to think of all the nice gloves I've ruined in the past riding ropesfrown.gif

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Thanks for the mention!  We developed Just The Tip for just the reason mentioned by TrickySR but I don't know if even we can bring Telerod15's gloves back to life!  Those gloves have seen some good days!  To help keep fingers warm and glove whole, we'd like to offer the members of EpicSki a deal on tips!  Choose any one of our standard tips and receive an EpicSki Tip FREE!  Simply add your standard tip and an EpicSki tip to your shopping cart and use the coupon code JTT-EPICSKI at checkout to receive your discount. Please see our website for product information and ordering.   www.oneupsportsgear.com 

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This is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen.

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Skiing has spawned many inventions. We like to bring the outliers to your attention too. wink.gif


Here's a video from the company to show you how this works. Our photo shows the finger tips sitting on top of a cloth glove--the proper application would be glued on a leather glove. It's actually quite an economical way to revive a pair of expensive gloves.  


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