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SlideWright's Annual Valentines Day 'Give Your Boards Some Lovin' Sale'

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There's nothing like a hot waxing and brush massage to say 'I love you'.


-Coupon code: VAL721115
-7 days to use it for 15% off anything in our store. This will add to your  account discount.

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When my wife gets a hold of my credit card bill, I'm going to have a Valentines Day I'll never forget.  How could you post this, right after I spent north of a hundred dollars on tools?  What choice do I have now, but spend another hundred on wax?

I may as well go skiing on the Valentines Day, to maximize the enjoyment before the punishment arrives.

You think you could throw in a few roses with the order for the Missus?


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He, he, he.......wink.gif


Looks like we

need to get some rose shaped wax molds for the Glide-On red. Not only is it the same color as a rose, but it's scented. You can give your honey nice smelling, freshly wax skis and she'll love ya forever without repercussions. It's win, win!


Regarding the coupon code, when you paste it into the box at checkout. It will add onto your account discount and to any sale items.





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Woohoo!  I'm glad I put off buying stuff.  Thanks Terry!

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Thank you!

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...and because I didn't get enough yesterday I had to order some more stuff today.  cool.gif

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Done and done.  Got some great new tools and supplies on the way.  I will post pictures etc. when I get the package.  Can't wait. 


PS - got a shipment notification like 3 hours or less after the order was placed.  Pretty cool for sure although fast shipping seems to be the way that Slidewright does things.  You spoil us. 

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Happy Valentines Day!


.....and no, despite popular impressions, hot scraping is NOT the same as bikini waxing! eek.gif

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What?  Do you know people at the post office or something.  Nice surprise when I got home from work.  As always - super fast shipment of just what I wanted. 


I got some Medium Race base - love this stuff for my bottom layer.  I have gotten high fives, hugs and kisses over my wax jobs this season and I swear it is because of this stuff as the base layer. 


A new course diamond stone.  I use them wet to try and prolong their life, but the 100 grit one seemed like it wasn't that rough any more, so I figured I should get a new one.  Tried Toko this time since I went Moonflex last time. 


Some low fluoro all purpose wax - stock wax really.  I use it as a decent 2nd layer after using Hard or the medium mentioned above when I don't want to use expensive stuff.  (PS - all my tunes are done "free" although I do take donations of beer)


A new ceramic stone for deburring.  I dunno - Terry's description sounded good, so I thought I would try it.


Some fluorinated paste wax for a top coat.  It was inexpensive so I figured I would try it out.  Today I use some crazy F4 paste when I really want to impress.  We'll see how it does. 


47 (or something) brake retention devices.  I think I need a humidor or something for my rubber bands.  I live on the beach in California and they all dried out this year in the off season.  The old ones snap at unexpected times (or maybe they just hate me), so got some new ones.  I also think the rubber band fairy might have included extras, but I am not taking time from my beer drinking to count. 




I had to field test the new P-tex gun right away.  I am pretty sure it works better than my other gun (this one is going to be for black only - the first one for clear repairs).  The original gun I had already was like $175.  I think it was built by the french though so I shouldn't be that harsh if is surrenders in a harsh comparison. 


The new gun - pictured above - melted the material really well and seemed to do a great job with the bond.  I'll know for sure tomorrow when I scrape, but so far, I am very impressed.  It was also less than 1/3 of the cost of the original one (that is not that good) so seems really worth it to me.  At this price, life is too short to use a candle ever again if you are on the fence. 

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I placed my order for a bunch of stuff last night--nice savings btw. I have 4 sets of skis to take care of so I feel this is money well spent. My wife raised an eyebrow when I told her the price, but if she knew how much I spend on fly fishing/tying gear she'd raise more than an eyebrow. Plus one of the 4 sets of skis are hers and she's getting a pool this year so she doesn't have too much to complain about (except maybe the trim I haven't painted, the curtain rod that needs hanging, the attic insulation...)

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Thanks all.


It has been interesting and good seeing how the overall time frame of shipment deliveries getting surprisingly faster. Two to three business days is very common throughout the entire continental US.


Mondak, I'm not seeing a proper bottle opener in your kit.


TJ, when packing yours, I was thinking that you made some wise choices putting together a comprehensive tuning and waxing package. I had one order years ago for wax to put on a water slide, maybe you need to get one for your pool and keep it waxed. biggrin.gif

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I have all the Epic folks to thank for the tuning advice, and no thanks on the slide. I've been successfully putting this pool thing off for the last 4 years but no soap this year (too good a deal to turn down). Oh well, I needed some top soil for my garden anyway.

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Originally Posted by Alpinord View Post


Mondak, I'm not seeing a proper bottle opener in your kit.




I have a wall mounted one right above where I plug in the iron / ptex guns, but there is a cool one on your site that I have contemplated grabbing. 


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Damn it,Terry.. You should post in advance when you are having sale.....smile.gif


Just bought few brushes, I'll catch you next time..


Good luck with the sale.

Regards, Andy...

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