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New version of edge change

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Most of you know the pointer about changing edges which goes:  Feel two edges in the snow, then four edges, then two again.  


I heard a new version from a student:  I feel two edges, then four, then six, then Aiiiiiiiiieeeee! Splat.

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Hmmm... I don't feel four edges and when I look at my tracks  there's less than a ski-length where all four edges are on the snow.  Am I doing it wrong?

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The drill has been called 2-4-2 forever.  I prefer to think of it as the 2-0-2 drill because when my skis are flat I don't feel the edges, as you point out.  In the snow you should see a point where the edges change and there should be a gap where the ski ran flat for a moment.  The longer that gap, the faster you were going, or the more disciplined you were when changing edges.  The normal emphasis on the 2-4-2 drill is slow the transition down to really "feel" it.  You would also ideally see the edge change occurring in the middle of your corridor.  IE you travel an equal distance in transition on the old edges AND the new edges before rolling into the fall line.  This takes discipline, but really allows you to develop pressure very early in the top of the turn.

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I like 2-0-2 TPJ. If you can feel all four edges, your skis are railed.

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Originally Posted by Walt View Post

...there's less than a ski-length where all four edges are on the snow.  Am I doing it wrong?

If you have less than a ski length where all four edges are on the snow, then you've fallen :)



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I've never used it in my life.  I'm just amused by the six edge version.

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