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foot pain when skiing

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I have pain in my feet while skiing.   I have a wide forefoot and narrow heel with a collapsing transverse arch (bunion).     My heel is naturally higher than my forefoot.   I have 'neutral' feet but have mild tibial bowing.  I have had my boots punched out and have heel pads at the back of the liners to fill volume.    I have also tried using a drugstore heel pad in the boot under my heel in addition to generic Superfeet.   Is it possible to correct the stance problems from the tibial bowing?  What else can I do other than tighten the boot  (too much) to hold down the heel?   

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1)  make sure the boots are not too big.

2) corrective footbed

3) allign upper cuff

4)  re-check footbed

5)  plane the boot sole


heel hold

1) make sure the boots are not too big.

2)  corrective footbed

3)  5mm heel lift under the footbed

4) "C" or "L" shaped pads around the heel

5(  thicker socks

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could you explain what you mean by heel is naturally higher than forefoot?



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Amen Mntlion!! Sounds like an Equinus deformity. Listen to Mntlion...

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Another ski season is starting :)


Lou,  my forefoot is lower to the ground than my heel.   My orthotic has a heel lift that corrects it, as well as a metatarsal pad for my collapsing transverse arch.

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Man! When a new member chooses a username like "FootPain" we need to help this guy so he feels compelled to change his name to "BootLove"!


Sounds like nothing that can not be remedied by a competent fitter.


You say you have a generic superfeet but then said you have an orthotic?  These are two different animals? 


What boots are you using?

what does your foot measure on a brannick device?


arch length?

boot size?

boot brand and model?


Help us get a better picture (actually photos of your feet would be good) of your set up so we can make more concise suggestions!


Hey! and welcome to Epicski! 

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