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Knee Pain / Ski Boots

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Recognizing that you are limited in what brand of ski boot you can recommend, if any, here is my situation.  I have wide feet, size 6.5, with my right foot being slightly broader due to edema (ankle not affected)  over the contour of the upper part of my foot.  Separate issue.  The real issue for me is that I am able to ski, but last time I went, after even an hour my knees were on fire!  I do strength training and a variety of exercises off the slopes to be able to still keep very active.  I now want to buy a pair of ski boots with more of a neutral positioning such that there is less pressure on my knees.  Any ideas?  Thanks! 

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is the knee pain from being pushed too far forward?  or from one side of the boots upper cuff?



just make sure your boots are the right size (not too big) and you have a supportive footbed in them.

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