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All-mountain Ski Reccommendations

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Hi everyone,


I need advice on all-mountain skis. I am currently looking at getting a new pair of skis, because my current ones aren't really cutting it for me anymore. If you could give me some advice on your experiences with different skis, it would be greatly appreciated. I have been skiing 160cm Atomic SX:9s, but I got those 4+/- years ago, when I mainly just ripped through groomers. Over the past few years I have gotten more off-piste and spend most of my times on moguls. I live in Tennessee (so not much skiing here), but go out West one or two weeks a year, mostly to Utah (Snowbird, Alta, etc.), so I would be getting them for the West. My current skis were made as carvers and are super stiff, so they aren't great in moguls, not to mention they are terrible in powder, due to the sidecut being 65cm. I can get down just about anything I try, just powder isn't always pretty. I want something that I can use for a few years and not outgrow.


I want something I can take all over the mountain no matter the conditions. I mostly ski moguls and trees, and hopefully powder if I'm lucky enough, but I still ski with the family on groomers so I want something that can still carve relatively easy. I really like Atomic, as they have been my past 2 pair of skis, but I'm open to other things. I like the idea of twin tip or semi twin tip, just so I can goof around on the groomers with the fam. I have looked around and have found Atomic Snoop, Atomic Savage, Salomon Lord, and Volkl Bridge, but that is just from a little research. Feel free to offer other opinions.


21 years old


160 lbs

50% on moguls/trees

35% in powder (hopefully more fresh, most have turned into more of soft bumps than first track powder)

15% on groomers



Keep in mind that I'm just a poor college student and want something that has been out a couple of years since I can only afford to buy used.


Thanks so much for your help!



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You may want to look at the Head Sweet One offered by LevelNinesports. This is supposed to be the same ski as the Head John/Johnny 94. I called Head last week and they confirmed the ski has the same specs. They're pretty ugly but for $219 it seems like a really good deal. I ordered a pair last week and am waiting for delivery. It's a womens ski but as I said before Head confirmed it has the same specs. IE Tip,waist,Tail, demensions and turning radius.

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Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure I'm sold on them yet, just because it's hard to find a lot of info and reviews for them. Plus I'm not a huge fan of Head. I think it's because they were the brand of rental skis I used to get and was never really happy with. I know that should not be a determining factor, but it just leaves that brand image in my mind.


Any more opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks guys!

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