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Pain On Inside of Foot Above Arch

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New Fischer Soma 120s.  Bought at a resort and skied 5 days straight.  Noticed a slight bit of discomfort in the area I'll describe but nothing serious.  Not enough to mention at the bootfitter shop.  2000 miles and a week or so later on day #6 problem was really starting to bother me after a few hours.  One week later on day #7 it was bothersome from the very beginning.


On the inside of both feet, above the apex of my arch is a bump/bone poking out (at least it is not that it's sore).  Not the really bit bump everyone has about an inch higher and slightly more back, this is right at the top of the arch.  [Gotta love my technical anatomy terms].  Ironically, the so called gel part of the liner is right in this area.  It's painful enough that I want to stop skiing bumps or anything that causes unanticipated foot shocks after a couple of hours.


Any potential solutions?  The soreness from day 6 to day 7 lasted the whole week in between (but got progressively better).  Thanks.

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are you using a supportive footbed?  (custom, or at least off the rack?)


are your boots too big, so your foot moves around, and hits that part of your foot?

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Hi - boots definetely not too big as my foot is locked in tight.  I'm using the standard footbeds that came with the boot.  I do have custom footbeds that someone made for me at Alta in my old boots.  Think it's worth a try to put them into the new boots?

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The bone you are talking about is the navicular bone, the solution is heel/arch support... try the footbed you already have.

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Thanks - this seems to work.  My navicular was actually still a bit sore after a week off but skiing with the footbed didn't make them any worse after a few hours of nice bumps.  The footbed was in a much longer (~15mm) boot shell but the size of the liner had less of a difference so it still managed to fit.  I'll probably give trimming a shot as they seems a little wide for this liner.  They were made by some funky foot machine so I don't want to trim too much.

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Amfit? Trim away, better to strat long and to shorten than to have a short footbed. Good luck!!

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