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Just returned from a short trip to Colorado this week.  iPhone pics & summary on conditions follows:

-22.jpgLoveland Pass.jpg



Feb 2: A-Basin.  When driving over Loveland Pass my vehicle registered -22 F.  This was not the low temp for the day, as there were reports by residents in the -35 F area overnight.  Anyhow, I attempted to ski A-Basin but only lasted a couple of hours.  Snow conditions were great, light was awesome and there was no wind...but I still couldn't last due to coldness.  I visited Precision Ski in Frisco and purchased a pair of Hotronics boot warmers, as my feet were in pain in the short time at A-Basin and I was tired of suffering.  Here's a couple pics from the top of the Montezuma Bowl.



Larkspur.jpgFeb 3:  Breck.  Took a full day bump lesson from "Bags," and it was great.  Although it was cold, there was good sunlight that warmed things up considerably.  "Bags" is a great teacher, and he really taught me some great techniques.  Hotronics proved themselves invaluable as everyone else in lesson was complaining of cold feet, mine were very comfy.  Too busy learning to take pics.


Feb 4:  Beaver Creek.  Signed up for the 10am free Welcome Mountain Tour.  Great experience learning the mountain, although this was very cold and no sunlight to warm us up.  Feet stayed warm (thanks Hotronics), but overall it was a less than favorable day.  In addition, the snow was much better in Summit County vs. Beaver Creek.  There was a lot of ice and even some bare spots in B.C.  Not good enough light for pics.


Feb 5:  Vail.  Awoke to 7 inches of fresh powder and it never stopped snowing all day long. Although I had to depart at noon, we had some incredible powder skiing early in the morning before the crowds took over and tracked things out.  This was the BEST skiing day of my life!  The drive back to DIA was pretty difficult, but well worth the treat of Vail on such a great powder day.

photo 1.JPG

Vail Powder.jpgphoto 3.JPG