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New Boots

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I just purchased a new pair of 2011 Salomon Mission RS 8 boots. I ski on a pair of 2010 172cm  Dynastar Contacts 10's, with PX12 Bindings and consider myself a level 2 skier.  My previous set of boots were the Technica and they were at least 10 + yrs old.


My question is when I had my new boots set up on my ski's and it was literally my 1st time in the boots on the slopes, I found myself having no control on the slopes.

I found turning and carving next to impossible and stopping was at one point  hazardous !!

It was like I had never been on ski's before and did not know how to ski .

Is this common for new boots to ski's?

Like I said above my old boots were about 10+ yrs old and my previous ski's were a set of Atomic 205's ( obviously not parabolic )

I feel like a total spaz on these ski's with new boots , what am I doing wrong ?

or is this common with new boots ?

hoping you can help



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that is a BIG volume boot and soft  (good if that is what fits you)

I would guess that a contact 10 will just overpower that ski, and the boot is too big on you.


shell fit it, and let us know some more info.


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I went to Skiis and Biikes in Toronto and had my ski's set up by one of the Tech's. He said that whom ever set my bindings up, after the new boots were taken in, did it all wrong.  My DIN was set to a #9 on the Right foot and a #8 on the Left.  My age is 49 and my weight and height factored in it should be at 7.?  Is this correct ? Apparently when I hit 50 next year it drops down to # 6 is this correct ?


Now back to the boot shell fitting.  I tried the boot on in the store and the salesman got almost 2 fingers in.  I could see down the back of my foot and I could see his fingers back there.

I tried on the 29.5 Missions and He almost got 3 fingers in there as i was swimming in that size.


I hope this helps.  I am going skiing today for a few hours and I will let you know if anything has changed




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First the DIN was obviously set wrong but it has nothing to do with what you are complaining about as it has no effect at all on ski performance.


A 29.5 boot is extremely large and I don't sell many each year.  Probably 10% or less of total sales to men.  A size 27 boot comfortable fits a 10.5 US size foot.


Measuring shell fit with fingers is very misleading.  Measure in inches or cm and you can give us something to work with.


The experience you are having with your new boots is not typical and certainly not one any fitter would hope for.  We simply have to help figure out what is wrong and I suspect Dave is one the right track.


What do you mean by a level 2 skier?



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I went skiing tonight and it was after my second time after my ski's were adjusted by the Tech at Skiis and Biikes, and I had NO problem what so ever in controlling my skiis. It was like night and day. I am not kidding.  There must have been something the Tech did to change what it was that the other " tech" did because I am having no trouble at all. As a matter of fact I probably have more control now with proper fitting boots then I ever did before.

I am currently in the Mission RS 8  size 28.5 and after wearing the boots a total of 4 times my feet are starting to stretch the boots out as I ski. When I mentioned the 29.5 boot is was only as a comparison to how extremely large they were.


What I mean by Level 2 is , here in Ontario the ski shops ask you when your in for service etc what level you are in ski ability so they know how to adjust your bindings etc. Level 1 is beginners.  Level 2 is Advanced.  Level 3 is Expert.  So basically I am no expert and I dont consider myself a Beginner.


So I think my problem has been solved as I am cured .... or so to speak.



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