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Suggestions on NASTAR ski length and radius

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I'm going to buy a cheater GS ski next week... current skis aren't really cutting it for this winter hobby.

Relevant info:  24yo, 5'7", 185 lbs, NASTAR handicap: 6


I'm well aware that medium radii (16-18) are recommended to most NASTAR races based on course setup.  However, I am curious as to what length I can "handle" based on my short stature relative to weight (latter would necessitate longer skis, former shorter)... It seems from a stability standpoint that--when angled in a carve with pressure on downhill ski--weight is more important than height?


170cm skis are as tall as me and are manageable.  Can I go up to 175 or even 180 to get something more stable (based on height, weight, and skill)??  Also, what widths are good for NASTAR? (i.e. is 71 too wide?  one user said a few years ago in a post that 65-68 would be appropriate for racing, and anything wider inappropriate).


Are any cheater GS skis with double Ti-laminates going to handle carving at speed without chattering, or are certain brands more resistant to chattering?


Last question: someone also said that progressor 9+ is good for NASTAR because if you get thrown off line you can recover... do others find this true? I'm open to the idea, but would prefer race skis (I have Progressor 7+ right now, and I'm not sure how much I like the idea of two different side-cuts...)


Sorry for all the question marks... the third paragraph is what I really want answered.

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It is hard to answer this definativley.


At NASTAR speeds I find it hard to believe stability is an issue.  But length would help smooth out the ruts.  In somthing like NASTAR it is highly likley the rut is far from the ideal  line, hence you may be going in and out of it.  Length will smooth that out.


But with added length, your turn radius will increase also....this can be compensated for with wider tips and tails to keep the turning radius down...but as the tip and tail widen the skis torsionally rigidity is reduced, thus so is the skis holding ability.....not good.


At 5'7 170 seems reasonable, I wouldnt go shorter, but I doubt I would go past 175.



As for widths narrower is better, quicker edge to edge, and better edge hold.  If you take this idea to the extreme...say make the ski only 3 or 4mm wide, what is that?  An ice skate.  Easy to carve those on pure ice...literally.  Obvioulsy that wont work on snow, so skis need some width...hence race skis are in the mid to upper 60s.  But having said that....could you really tell the difference from 66mm to 67mm...I doubt it.  So I agree that if you want a race ski then 65-68mm is a good reccomendation.  But if the skis you wanted were 69 or even 70mm I wouldnt sweat it.

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^ Sounds like good advice. 

I don't race NASTAR (strictly Chinese Downhillbiggrin.gif), but I can confirm that if you get a top-shelf ski like Say Fischer WC or higher level (that is to say what they call their top level race skis or even one step down) you won't have any problems with speed induced instability per say, having skied my WC SCs (SL sidecut which I'm over skiing at those speeds) at well above FIS GS speeds many times.   You just need to match the radius to your course set, and you seem to have that down.  I do find my 190s much more forgiving of fore-aft errors at speed.  I find stiffer skis also more forgiving of these errors, and longer skis tend to make going over ruts and such much easier.  I would probably want a longer ski (just personal preference), but 175 should work just fine.

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I'm 5' 6" and ski a 176 with a 24 turn radius, next year I'll probably move up to a 181.  I would check out Fischer WC, Nordica Doberman GSr, or Elan GSr.  All true race skis.


Have fun! ski.gif

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Judging by your handicap it looks like you are a pretty good racer.  I tend to think that at that level it is more the indian than the arrow.  But, as for the arrow it would depend a lot on the run and how the course is set. 

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thanks for the replies; very helpful  beercheer.gif

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