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Should I wait for Fischer Vacuums or just go with Lange RS?

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In case you haven't been on the Epic homepage in a while, check out the discussion on Fischer Vacuums here


It's about 2/3 through our short NY ski season, so of course I'm checking out what gear to buy for next year biggrin.gif  Right now I have Lange Comps that I really don't like for several of reasons.  I'm looking at the Lange RS (probably the 110's) but the new Fischer Vacuums really look awesome.  The most appealing thing is the fact that the flex remains pretty constant, even in really cold temps.  Though I am a very aggressive ski racer, I'm right about 5' 6" and weigh 140# so 110 or 120 is pretty much my max flex.  Anyways getting back on track... any thoughts on whether I should just go with the RS 110, or wait and hope Fischer puts a Vacuum set up somewhere in NY.

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you've already picked the Lange RS because you already own pr, or have demo'd it?


my guess is that a good percentage of existing Fischer boot dealers will prolly put in the Vac system and boots.

being in Upstate NY (above Albany) I'd think there's likely a dealer reasonably close. Maybe get into a pair of this year's demo and eval the performance side of fischer boots.

I'm pretty picky on boot performance and found them to be as good as any boot I've had some hill time with.

and if you have some foot/fit issues, the vacum might deserve some consideration.

if you're a young guy and have lots of hill time every season and get new boots every season or 2, then it may not be that big a deal to get something now, and consider again in the future.

if you like to hang onto boots for longer, 3 or more seasons, then it may be worth waiting...


I have longer, relatively thin lower leg, so how well the boot upper wraps properly is real important to me. Fischers wrap my leg very well, without overbuckling. They follow the leg forward flex well and don't 'gap' . They give a very progressive resistance without shin bang.

When I went looking for boots last yr, I immediately went right to Lange. I was blown away that I couldn;t find a Lange, in my flex range, which could accommodate my high instep without sizing up, like the many older Langes I used to ski...

Obviously still a good performance boot, but just not for me.


If the Fischer Vac system does work even close to what the claims are, it should change and add to what our expectations are of how a ski boot should fit.

not likely that it will be the answer for all skiers, and may not work for some

but I think it's worth a look-see

for the past few seasons I've held that Kostelic is the best technical skier on the WC ( for SL & GS, and now holds his own in the big speed events) and his Fischers don;t seem to hold him back...

Yes he's getting paid, but soooo many other racers from so many other national teams are on Fischers. They can;t be payin ALL these racers. Once in the team pool a manu often still has to prove that their stuff will give a competitor the best performance edge.

Fischer knows and is about ski racing. I think they've done their homework well.

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The rumor is that there will only be a dozen or so shop,,in the country...that will get the Vacuum boot this upcoming season. Will someone in your area have them? 

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Moreoutdoor-  I found out I had broken my flex plate on my old Atomics about a week before my first race, so I just bought whatever I could get cheap which turned out the be the Lange Comps.  I really don't like how to toe box fits my foot though.  The RS has a larger and more square toe box which fits my foot better.  Either way I'll probably end up buying new boots for the 2011/12 season, and keeping them for at least 3 years.  


Philpug- that's my worry. but honestly if they do what they claim to I'd have no problem driving up to Vermont if I knew I could get a set.  Do you think that there's going to be a shortage of them, or is Fischer expecting a lot of business and stock pilling them? 

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If the Lange Comp fits and performs well, other than the toe box, it's barely an hour of work for a good boot shop to make that toebox conform better to your tastes.
 It would be almost a immediate move for me... like a workday evening trip to a shop, after makin an appointment.


That would take you forward to some point when you can 'Demo' everything you'd like to consider...


In-shop fits are always never quite like what you get on the hill...

I'll remind you that the toebox has a big effect on how the foot is held across the forefoot and ball, and therefore pressure transfer from edge to edge. Pinched hurts, but too wide across really affects edge control, especially on an icy pitch. Not a big issue for rec. type skiers like me; but a consideration if you spend a lot of time bangin gates.

I would make a small box adjustment at first, then have an agreement the boot tech to come back and do another adjustment if the first isn;t enough.


Phil, we all know how rumors go in the biz.

I would be very suprised if Fischer didn;t take advantage of this to solidify and expand their presence in all markets. 12 dealers, or even 24 dealers, nationwide would still be invisible... I'd be surprised if they didn;t use this next yr or 2 to become a major player in the boot market. Certainly 'support' those dealers who have supported them, but looking at their dealer list, they have a lot of good delaers on it, some of which might be really put out if they don;t have the opportunity to run with the new 'Tech'.

IMO, if they restricted the 'system' to just 24 dealers nationwide, they'd be takin a step backward and playing into the hands of the other major players, who will ALL have some sort of 'custom' fit system out by next year, if not 'test' beds in key shops by Xmas...


Actual boot product Delivery? I think that will be staged to be closer to the real selling/ski season. For lots of reasons.

Dealers will start getting customers lined up, long before they actually have product....

a la starthaus...

in my mind a great thing for the Brick and Mortor, especially the sport dedicated dealers !!!

I hope it all works great and brings in a lot of skiers.


Just my .02 .....

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Yeah I'll blow out the toe box when I have a chance, but I'm a gear junkie also so I might just go ahead and get another boot for the fun of it.  I also know a racer who wants my boots, so I'm sure I could sell them for $150 or something.  


I really really really hope Fischer puts them in at least one NY dealer.  I could see them putting them at Mud, Sweat, and Gears in E-Ville or somewhere by Rochester.  Either way, if the boots are under $700 I'd probably buy them. 

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I'm hoping that Keith at The Pro Ski & Ride at Hunter gets them. They sound amazing.




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