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Ok so the wife and I have been going skiing just about every weekend. This is great fun and I like to ski with her but she is a slow cruiser and I like to turn a but faster. She is done most days by 2 or so and I get to ski by myself. While this is great fun it would be nice to find someone to make turns with. Anyone want to set up a meet up somewhere?

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If I still lived in Michigan I'd love to meet up with you but since I moved to Tahoe, I'm not sure the commute would be worth it. biggrin.gif


Perhaps Bumpfreaq can help organize a GTG!

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Where at in Michigan are you and what hills are you referring too? I am always looking to ski. Are you talking weekdays or weekends?


Shoot me a PM with some answers and perhaps we can get out and do some skiing. 


Szokr1 (Brian)

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When I was still living in Michigan and I couldnt make it up north and had to settle for the small time hills down by Detroit, I'd hit up Alpine.  Man I miss driving 4 hours north and the awesome skiing and landscape.  I'm kind of jealous!

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I ski mostly on the weekends, the boss doesn't think that I should on his time during the week. This weekend we are going to Caberfae on Saturday and Boyne on Sunday.

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If you ever are going to hit Alpine, let me know.  **Might** be able to get some discounted tickets



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Originally Posted by docbrad66 View Post

If you ever are going to hit Alpine, let me know.  **Might** be able to get some discounted tickets


The easiest way to get discounted tickets in Michigan is to buy gas at a Shell station.  If you buy more than 10 gal you get a 2-for-1 voucher good at a bunch of ski areas in Mich and Wisconsin.  They're not valid every day, and which days they're honored varies by ski area (e.g. Boyne takes them any day but Saturday, Nubs only takes them on Tuesday.)


Anyway, if any Bears plan on showing up at Nubs on a weekend give me a shout.

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Say hi to the slopes at Boyne for me! I miss them!

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You can find me at Schuss most every weekend day.

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Boyne was great this weekend. I think Nubs is next on the list.

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