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SKINNY, Skiing the 168's: I'd say they are more stable and solid than the ~ 168's I've skied before. They include Head 78 monster and the Atomic Blackeyes. But they are as manueverable as these and perhaps more because they are quicker. So they ski both!! With the benefits of each and without the negatives of either.  For me anyway. I never tried them on someone elses legs so I don't know from thatt!!!  Depending on how and what you ski, if you are caught in the middle I suppose you could go either way and you would be OK. Me:  6' and 180, 50 yrs on the slope, love Mad River, Jay Trees, GS Stratton all out (FYI so you have something to compare to).  SKI BOTH SIDES OF SKI JUST FINE.

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Originally Posted by wildcat hank View Post

downhill I haven't had any problem with my 82 xti in the bumps, now mind you that they are mainly whalebacks from snowmaking.   We are about the same age, wt and Ht.   aslo been skiing for 50 years  3rd generation.




 WC Hank: Skied some bumps over the past week with the Elan Amphibio Waveflex 82 XTI's, they were great.


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Great to hear that. 


Also great to see you have got enough snow for a bump run.   No bumps without rocks here at Wildcat.   Just got about 8 inch at my house hopefully more at the MT.



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I'm curious how the Amphibio 82 xti's do in the bumps compared to the Amphibio 14's.  They are both the same flex rating (14) but the 82 has a wider waist making it slightly straighter.  I believe a straighter ski is preferred in the the bumps, right?  I've been skiing bumps (well, learning to) on Volkl WC SL racetigers in 165 and Marker piston plate.  I'm guessing either of these skis are less stiff than the Volkl's and should make it slightly easier for me in bumps.


The ski selector points me towards a Amphibio 14 160 for on slope and a Amphibio 82 xti168 for all mountain.  I'm 5'7".  I did talk to the Elan rep and he was steering me more towards the 14 for what I want - ski anything on piste and bumps and possible go for L2.  I'm comfortable using the Volkl's for L2 but I keep hearing comments about instructors needing to update their gear (i.e. less race like and more like the students/modern/rocker etc.).  There is a voice in the back of my head whispering I should pick the 82 xti in either 160 or 168.


My typical quiver is the Volkls above, Atomic "Cheater" GS D2 in 174, Elan (race stock) GSX 176, and now and again my Metron 11 b5 in 164.  My favorite skis have been the Elan SLX 155 and GSX 176.  I got the Volkls to replace the Elan SLX as they outlived their life and I always wished they were a little longer/stable at speed.


I'm not that concerned about getting a race ski (have the Volks, GSX and D2) as I am about getting a ski that is good for instructing/training and if all goes well, L2 exam.




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Ken I skied the 82 this season.  It was a lot of fun.  the 14 has a tighter radius plus a little quicker on to edge.  If you plan on taking the L2 I would lean to the 14.  I didn't the 14


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Thanks. Just The type of info I was looking for. It does look like the Internet stole the second half of your last sentence though.

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Ken that was me .   I didn't ski the 14.  

  You're a member of PSIA if so Elan has lowered the pricing on left over.  I don't know what they have in stock.   If you do get Elan's please mention my name ( Hank Forman).  I'm the Mt. Rep at Wildcat.  


Did you get to ski at any other Peak Resort this year.   No for me.



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Ah. Got it. I think I'm leaning more towards the 14's. Everything I've read and heard was that for my purposes, they will be great. I am in PSIA which is why I'm so interested in them. I will make sure to mention you.

I didn't get to any other Peak Resorts this year. Usually get to Mt. Snow and Attitash though. I also tried to go to Wildcat to check out the tunnel you have on the race trail. Crotched is changing things around quite a bit this coming season with the hi speed quad installation and opening up the true summit. One of the desires is to move the race trail to a location that is longer and less interfering for the general public on the weekends. Maybe I'll make it up there this coming season.

Thanks for the input,

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I have been skiing the 14's and it's the best pair of skis that I have ever had.

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the Amphibio design is just great



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