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Rookie on the mountain trying to get some help

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Hello to all 


I'm Starting to learn how to ski and would like some help/advise on the next step. To start off I'm 25 years old 6'3'' and 230 lbs. Very Active and competed in several sports growing up. The past few years I've been weight lifting pretty aggressively, But after a trip to telluride last year I have really started to get into skiing. I have been enjoying the blues in Vail and beaver creek and would like to venture out to powder. I'm not going to get into bumps much, due to a car accident and bad knees. Over the past few weeks I've stacked up 100,000 vert and am looking to get another set of skis. 



My Current gear 

2010 Elan magfire 78Ti   176 cm     (123-78-105)

Nordica Hotrod 105 boots (flex 95-105)

Some K2 54'' poles 


Looking really hard at 

Volkl Kendo and Mantra 

Salomon Sentinel/shogun

Rossi s6  I think 

Elan Apex/spire 



Any help/advise Would help. I live in Vail and can demo most of these skis, as well as  have the demo fee taken off the purchase price. So I can demo for free really.  



thanks again 


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If your looking to go powder skiing I'd check out the Rossi S3, or even the Kastle 108 if it's in your price range.  Volkl Kendo and Mantra are both great too.

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Welcome to EpicSki Mike!


At your size the Mantra is likely a better fit than the Kendo.  If you are in Colorado you might also want to check out some of the Icelantic skis.  They are based in Denver and make a very nice product.  Try the Nomad, it's 110mm in the waist but will still carve and is very fun.  You're going to want to demo the 181 at 230 lbs.  If you want a bit narrower ski, try the Pilgrim.  It's 90mm in the waist. 


I own the Nomad SFT in 181cm and like it a lot.  It's the softer version of the Nomad, but you've got me by 50 lbs.


Good luck with your search!



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thanks for the responses.


this past week I was able to get on some Sultan 85 skis and in fresh powder, and I have come to the conclusion I'm no were near ready for wider skis, or powder for that matter. Lets say all my confidence was blown to bits in less than an hour. 

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Mike, keep at it, most places will 50/50 groom runs so just play a little bit at a time in the ungroomed tracked off stuff. That can be as little as 1 turn and out, regroup then go in for 2 turns and keep building from there. It is not a race and the skills you will need to ski that stuff take time to develop. I will guarantee you one thing though, if you don't go in and try conditions other than groomers you will never develop the feel for that type of snow. Think supple joints, ankle , knee , hips and keep them moving and you will start to have some success. Good luck and have a fun journey.

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Hi, noting your point about "bad knees"  I have mounted my skis with the KNEE binding this year, and am very happy with it.  It should fit on the flat skis you are considering. it has one extra plane of release and may help protect ACLs/Knees.    If you are worried about your knees this may be a good consideration..  

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