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i currently ski a pair of 174 bakers for everything from groomers thorugh crud and pow to AT. like the performance on groomers quite a bit, same goes for bumps and crud. i also like the long turn radius and the good edge grip in steeps. powder float could be better, but so could be my technique...


i am 6'2/ 170-175lbs. 


now i am basically looking for a (k2?) ski with similar characteristics, probably longer/a tad wider. 


unsure about the backlash, as it has tighter turn radius (or am i wrong??), wider shovel, rocker. 


how much stiffer/harder to ride is the hardside compared to my baker?


in general, should i go for 181 k2s? so far, the 174 skis pretty sweet.


thanks for your input!



btw. euro based offers on a 181 baker welcome...