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Need a ski for my father - who doesn't like to ski

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I bet its not often that a thread about finding a ski for people who don't like to ski graces this forum, but thats my father.


66 years old, 6 feet tall, 190 lbs, in good shape, no health or physical ailment, has been skiing lots of times but I still classify him as a low intermediate.....hes just very fearful of falling and doesn't really care about trying to get better.


Reason he wants a ski is that he and my mother (skis often and enjoys it) recently purchased a condo in Stratton, and my dad doesn't want to deal with hassle of renting for the 2 or 3 times he plans to ski a year.


With that said, what is a good confidence inspiring ski with decent edgehold for East Coast skiing?


Ideally, I'd like to pick up something used in the For Sale section.





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Does he have boots that fit?  Send him to a boot fitter first.

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^^^^^ What he said within reason. For a coupla times a year, not worth buying new boots, suggest making sure currents are OK. If no currents, get something wider across the front and easy flexing, say in the 80-90 range, look for sales on last year's new. Used boots not a great idea if you don't know the fit relative to your foot. Cabrio designs like Full Tilt or Dalbello are often popular with intermediates because they're easy to get on and off, don't demand as much forward pressure to flex. But go for fit, not brand. 


As far as skis, suggest looking for something that intermediates like, whatever your father's skill level. If he's better than the ski, he can work it anyway, and if he only skis 2-3x a year doubt he has major aspirations toward improvement, just wants to enjoy skiing with the family. Some candidates that would work at Stratton, assuming he picks nice (softer) snow days: 


Dynastar Sultan 8000 or Contact 11/ltd/Cross; Elan 76 series, Head Peak 78 (current version, not older), K2 Shockwave, Fischer Motive 80, Blizzard Magnum 7.6's. I'd suggest looking on Fleabay or a shop at Stratton for this season's demos. 


If he's more constrained about specific days he goes out, say more about other people's schedules, then you might want to get something with a bit more edge in case it's icier. Of the above, the Dynastar Contacts, Elans, and Blizzard Magnums would hang in there, Motives would be OK, lose the K2's and Heads. 


I'd stay away from stiffer skis even at his size. They'll be more work, less forgiving. Good luck!

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I would start with boots. Luckily right at Stratton is Green Mt. Orthodics Lab, upstairs at one of the ski shops. They are a great bootfitter. The right sized boot makes all the difference in someone's ability to  control the skis (and their confidence in that control). They also don't try to sell you the best fit of what they have. My first visit there, they recommended a boot that they didn't carry. That boot worked great for me for several years, I hated to see it pack out.


Once the boots fit, I would pick up something cheap either at the year end sales or next fall at the swaps. If he finds he enjoys skiing more, he will pick his own ski after a season or 2.

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