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How important is a powder skirt?

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Hey guys and gals,


I am looking to buy a new jacket and some of my options don't have a powder skirt so I thought I would ask the question, how imperative is it for a ski jacket to have one? 


Some info about me:

I am a beginner moving to intermediate.  I usually ski out west, but have not yet done much powder skiing and I don't see myself doing any back country skiing, however, I want what I buy to last at least 5 years so who knows what I will be doing then.  Please share your thoughts.




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Depends how much you fall in powder.


I really only use mine to block wind on the coldest days.


But most higher end jackets have it

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The powder skirt actually performs couple other functions beside keeping powder snow from reaching your core section.


If the skirt is fastened higher on the torso it will relief some of the jacket's weight from the shoulder - allowing for a better hang and better movement . 

Also with the skirt closed, reduction of heat lost from the bottom of the is achieved. Keeping you a bit warmer. Think women skirts and why they are always cold in the winter.   


However, a powder skirt is nice to have but not essential if you wear bibs that covers up to mid-chest. In many better jackets, the powder skirt is removeable - giving you more options.       

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I've got a shell with a powder skirt, and I've stopped using the skirt for the most part.  It makes the jacket bunch up in front about belt buckle level.  The shell fits pretty tight at the bottom anyway (no, not because of a beer gut), plus I wear bibs.  Maybe I'd fasten it for cat skiing or a monster dump day.  Like the previous posters said, it's nice but not essential.


I don't use the 1/4 sleeve extenders that you can put your thumb through either, although I have friends who swear by theirs.

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Every jacket I've owned since I can remember has had a powder skirt. I never use it.

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I've never bothered to use a powder skirt either, if the jacket you like doesn't have one, don't worry about it.

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Only relevant if you're in actual, serious powder, as in knees and above. Then a good solid fall will get powder up into interesting places unless you have either a powder skirt or bibs. In the stuff most of us ski and then talk about powder, irrelevant. 

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