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Snowboard bindings screw sizes?

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What are the most common snowboard bindings screw sizes.  I am looking at the Burton style flathead 6M x _?_ mm?  I got some from Dakine that say they are 14 mm but they measure closer to 16 mm.  I see others in catalogs that are either 12 or 16 mm.  Is there a general rule, 16 for adult boards and 12 for kid's boards (or something like that)?


Thank you for your reply.

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Great question doc! My experience is that the sizes vary so much that the rule is the size you need is whatever size you don't have. I've been making periodic trips to the hardware store and stashing whatever I can find close to whatever I need. So I have all sorts of little plastic baggies in my pack with stuff in them (that of course are not labeled). Strangely enough I do have some extra Burton screws for my channel bindings. They look to be 3/8" long threads.


With any luck we'll get a response from someone who knows something that is actually useful.

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Thanks.  What is the full length of the screw from the top of the head? 


I think I am going to stock the 12 and 16 mm in the Burton style flathead with washers if you need some.  I see you are only about 45 minutes from me in MD.  I am at Liberty most weekend mornings if you ever need any supplies.


I'm going to try to ask in the Liberty board shop if they are not busy tomorrow.

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The channel building screw looks to be about 7/16 inch long including the top. What looks like the spare regular board screws look to be about 5/8.


I am Whitetail on weekends. The only time I'm at Liberty is during the off season for meetings or golf. Thanks for the offer though.

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I talked to some Burton guys at Liberty and they said the determining factor was the binding thickness and that most Burton's took 16 mm.  I am guessing that maybe kid's bindings could take less than 16.

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