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January in Review

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I think I may have posted this in the wrong forum at first (General Skiing).  Perhaps it belongs here instead (?) since it never showed up in the General Skiing forum.  Anyway, I posted this on TGR yesterday.  After I got some positive comments about the January Preview (which someone posted in one of the threads here), I figured I should post this up at EpicSki too.  Hope you enjoy it.






I guess this is less of a TR and more of an MR (Month Report) as it covers a bunch of outings and trips from January.  You can find the full report with a lot more pictures here (warning, links to my blog for you sensitive types).
Some of the cinematography is really sweet, and worth watching in HD.  If you want to see it in HD go watch it at Vimeo.  Mike Bibeau did an excellent job with a lot of the film and editing on this video...HUGE thanks.
I hope you enjoy the video.  I enjoyed making it.  Thanks a bunch for all the feedback from the teaser that I posted earlier this month.  I tried to mix it up and not overuse any of the angles.  Let me know what you think about the balance.
A few of the picture highlights:
IMG_0081.jpgPhoto by Mike Bibeau
IMG_2854.jpgPhoto by Clayton Charles Roehner
Photo by Clayton Charles Roehner
It is kind of fitting that I'm posting this on Groundhog Day.  I wish I were like Billy Murray and would live this past month over and over again.


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Never Ending Couloir looks fantastic.


Thanks for the video.


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