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Fitting thermoflex liners at home

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I'm thinking about getting some thermoflex liners for my Flexon Comps. The only problem is there are no dealers close to my home. I can get them through the mail but then I'd have to fit them myself at home. The question is how hard is this to do? Raichle's website says I can mold them myself at home but give no additional info. Do I need to have a special type of oven to heat the liners? Anything else to consider when fitting these liners?

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Welcome aboard.

The information I have from Masterfit University says a convection oven at 200 for about 5 min will do well for thermo fit liners. I suspect Phil (our Flexon expert) can give you more exact details but the I think a hair drier will work as well. If I remember correctly it doesn't take a great deal of heat. whether you heat them from the inside or in a convection oven, (watch to make sure no deforming or seperation of the materials happens) you put the liners back in the boot and put your foot in, and buckle them. you just try to be fairly relaxed and static in them until they cool. Wear the socks you plan to ski in (thin) and if you have custom footbeds, be sure to pull them out before you heat the liners and then make sure you insert the footbeds before you put your feet in them. I think there is a recommended maximum number of times to reheat and mold the liners but I don't have that infomation.
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dchan, thanks.

Problem is I don't have a convection oven. All I have access to is a regular gas oven for cooking. Hopefully the hair dryer will work.
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Take care when heating with the hair dryer. I have seen liners get burned when using the high heat setting with a blow dryer.

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The main thing about using any kind of spot heating is to keep the heat source moving! don't concentrate on one specific spot unless you are trying to do something specific like a shell stretch.
Like Mikla says.. you can burn the liner with a hair dryer if you get too close.

Your other option is a big pot of boiling water but then the liner is all soggy. Plastic bag in the liner with boiling water?

Hmm. I'll have to run that one by GMOL
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