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Marker Jester - Issue?

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I bought a pair of Sultan 85s mounted with Jesters at the start of the season.  The existing mount was for a BSL 7mm longer than mine, but I was hopeful that there would be enough adjustment in the BSL length / forward pressure for me to avoid a remount.  I adjusted the forward pressure to the point where the screw was flush with the housing once I clicked in.  It turned out to be the very last notch on the forward pressure adjustment worm screw (i.e. one more click forward would have the binding heel piece come off its track). 


I've skied them for maybe 10 days like this and have had absolutely no issues with pre-release, however there has occasionally been a creaking / squeaking noise from the bindings if I'm putting a lot of pressure on them when skiing hard.  I thought perhaps the noise I was hearing was because I was on the very limit of the forward pressure adjustment, and maybe that was causing a little play where the heel piece meets the track due to a smaller surface area of contact between the heel piece and the track.  


I took them into my local shop assuming I may need to remount the heel piece so that it would sit closer to the middle of the track.  They called and said a re-mount wasn't needed, and they had tested the bindings / release, and everything was fine.


I'd prefer that I wasn't hearing odd noises from my bindings, but if they're functioning fine, I don't really care.  Has anyone else had this issue with Royal Family bindings?  Any thoughts on what may be causing the noise and whether its just annoying rather than a sign that something is wrong with the binding?

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I think the noises you are hearing are more from plastic friction in the cold than being at the end of the track. 

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