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Katana and Bridge - the forgotten (and best) Volkls

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This isn't a review, but more of a rant.  The wrong two Volkls get all the attention and it makes no sense to me.  It's a crime that these two skis get overshadowed by the Mantra and Gotama.  


The Mantra is a good ski (I had one of the first 20 pairs of Mantras in Salt Lake years ago), but I'm reasonably sure that most Mantra skiers would be happier on the current Bridge.  It really is better in almost every way other than topsheet graphics.  Thankfully next years look mellower.  The metal in the Mantra isn't necessary for a ski of that width very often - plus the Bridge is surprisingly great at speed.  The Bridge is not just a park ski, Volkl is probably just as much to blame here.  


The Katana is better than the Gotama in every single way IMO.  The slight full rocker keeps this metal filled ride easy going and maneuverable.  Its shockingly good in bumps and short turns and still rails big turns.  The Gotama feels sloppy in comparison.  Katana is better at speed in crud and still floats great due to the size and rocker profile.  


The sales of the Mantra and Gotama today are pretty much proof that very few people bother to demo skis and buy the name they know.  

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Seems to me that out here in the Rockies, Volkl cannibalizes sales of some models at the benefit of others.


Only the faithful know the differences between the katana v chop stix v. gotama v kendo v bridge v Wall v Mantra

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Never got a chance to try Gotama or Katana. I am from Poland and we do not have real, Utah style powder here.

However I was lucky to test both Mantra and Bridge this December in Austria and both are great skis and I fully agree with you with one little "but...."


From my experience Mantra is great for everybody from a beginner to intermediate.

Bridge is a sensation skis but defenitelly not for beginner but only from intermadiate to expert skiers. You have to be good skiers to run those horses.

And if so the Bridge is better than Mantra in so many aspects. The great rocker rules. The float, carving and especially powder and off piste you feel the thing. If you look at the latest generation of powder skis Mantra (with out rocker) is not an off-piste ski at all. And Bridge is fantastic. But for good skiers only I think.



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The Bridge is a LOT more forgiving than the Mantra.  That's actually one of the main reasons why I think its now a better design.  It's also way more versatile.  The Mantra was a great design when it came out, but today it really only excels at big turns on hardpack - and do you really want a mid 90s ski for that?  There's better choices for that size of ski for all mtn.

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Nice movie about Bridge

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