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Hey everyone, I have a dilema. I am not sure what to replace my old junky aluminium poles with.I like to ski in the trees, and fast on the groomers, so what is a pole that can take a beating and still be all right? should I get composite poles or new aluminium poles?

By the way, what is the difference between composite poles and carbon composite poles? Thanks

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Rental poles.  Sounds stupid but they are made not to brake.  Often theyll sell them end of the year for 10 or so bucks.  They are super durable, have nice baskets, and grips.  Dont get caught up in all the pole hype.  Poles are poles they will all break eventually and ive seen many many carbon poles break or shatter.  Never pay over 20 for poles or your getting ripped off or buying something unnecessary.  

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Scott Team poles. Take a lickin and keep on tickin:D
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I really like the Leki poles with the Trigger grips. The Triggers will breakaway if needed, and clip on and off easily.


High quality poles tend to be quite durable. If you scrape your poles with your ski edges, they'll tend to have issues with breaking, but I've had my Leki Venoms (a carbon/aluminum combination) for years and they are still going strong. I bought a second pair a couple of years ago, but still haven't used them!

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I bought a pair of Goode Carbon poles several years ago, and was that I would break them prematurely.  They still look almost brand new today.  Remarkable product, in my opinion.

post #6 of 6 has a pretty nice selection of Royal Shaft composite poles for 20-some dollars.

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