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Killington Patroller School

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Anyone going to Killington this weekend?  I've never gone to this type of 2 day clinic before so I'm pretty psyched.  Conditions should be great - new snow and seasonal temps (not 20 or 30 below like a couple of weekends ago).

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Just thought I'd give a follow-up to my previous message.  The weekend was divided into two parts, skiing / riding instruction and sled instruction.  Each day we were separated into groups: some skied, some had toboggan instruction.  For me, Saturday was spent skiing all day with a PSIA instructor (instructor plus 8 patrollers).  Basically an all day ski clinic going over balance and edge control.  We first skied Bear Mountain and then traveled across towards Snowdon.  The snow was great with about 18" of new snow on Wednesday.  Mostly bump runs in the afternoon.  I hadn't realized how important 'pole touch' is in setting the balance and rhythm in the bumps.  It started to snow at during the afternoon and by the time we left the mountain there was about 4" of new snow.  We regrouped at the Summit Lodge for drinks and dinner (salad, breaded chicken cutlet, 2 small carrots, mashed potatoes, and desert).  We left with it still snowing and after I was back at the condo it turned to sleet and then rain a 20 minute thunderstorm.


On Sunday we played with sleds, I was with 2 other patrollers, with instruction by a Certified patroller and another patroller who assisted (not sure if he was Certified or not).  These guys make it look so easy...  We started the morning running sleds (with tail ropes) up and down Northstar for the first run and then Conclusion (much steeper) for the second run.  Both are serious bump runs with a 4" thick crust on top of powder.  Running the tail rope was much more difficult for me as I was having trouble side slipping in the crud (usually we don't use tail ropes at my mountain).  Running (guiding) the sled outside of the handles was fun -- and although I did struggle in the beginning, I really felt much more confident by the last run on Conclusion.  At 2 pm we put the sleds away and skied Ovation, Superstar and glades runs (don't remember the name).  The snow in the trees was much better than trails (crust on top of powder).  . 


For all this, we had to pay $70 which included lift tickets for both days, dinner and the instruction.  A great deal and a great time.  The Southern Vermont Region has this program every year and I'm going back next year.  I would guess there were 50 patrollers there plus 15 instructors.


I should note that these clinics are actually Senior clinics though your don't have to be a Senior (I'm not).  We received credit for: Skiing Enhancement Seminar, and Toboggan Enhancement Seminar. 



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138 has the general gist of the Patrollers schools down.  The cliff notes version is you get one day skiing with a PSIA instructor, the other day you get to run sleds with us (Certified Patrollers).  These clinics in general, are for every patroller in the Eastern Division.  You are broken out by ability and what you want to work on, on both days.  I have worked with basic patrol candidates that are touching a sled for the first time to Certified candidates, that want to push the limits of what we can do with a sled.  You won't be disappointed, and they are typically offered in multiple locations throughout the Division every year, usually at Windham Mountain, Killington, Elk Mountain, and Sunday River.  Go and enjoy.  Then next year come back and bring another patroller with you.  I'ts more fun that way.

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Sunday River is a fantastic weekend every year,first day we run tobos all day, second day skiing and skills.I highly recommend it and likewise,bring a friend. These clinics do nothing but improve all of your S&T skills which translates to better every day skiing. Plus you get to meet some amazing people from all walks of life.    Cheers,  Dave

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