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Year: 2008-2009

Dimensions: 130/101/116   24.5 meters

Length: 173cm


Story: I have owned these skis for just over a year. Bought them as my powder/crud boards for east coast terrain. But they have seen only 3 half days of action. I crashed shortly after buying them and was out most of last season so never had a chance to use them. I have been out on them just about 12 hours this year. They are my third pair of Blizzards. Have owned the Supersonics in 167cm and the Titan Cronus in 173cm. I am selling them because they overlap too much with the Cronus which get little use as well. By the time I get to the hills after a dump I have little use for anything over the Cronus which are 88mm in the waist.

This version of the Titan Argos is a very capable, go-anywhere ski. I am amazed at the edge hold on steep, hard packed surfaces. As good as my 66mm carvers. And they charge through any crud or anything else in front of them which makes transitions between hard and soft conditions are seamless. I am 175lbs,  5'9 and find the size perfect for steep East coast trails which require quick terrain adjustments. It is the same size I have in the Cronus as well. The integrated Marker binding system allows you to move the binding forward and back to taste.


Condition: Great. Only 12 hours or so on them. A few insignificant scratches in the top sheet with some little nibbles around the tips. Bottoms virtually pristine. There are a couple very light scratches. There is a long one the you can see but can not feel. Most of these irregularities would disappear with a good wax/scrape.


Price: $399 plus shipping


Thanks for looking, PM with any questions and happy trails.