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Replacing Fischer aluminum Flowflex plates

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I have a pair of '08 Fischer Progressors (the original ones; precursor to the current P-9+), which have Z13 bindings mounted on a rigid aluminum Flowflex plate.  The setup looks like this:



Flowflex plate 003.jpg


Flowflex plate 001.jpg


I am considering replacing this rigid plate with a more flexible one, similar to the ones used with Head Freeflex bindings, in order to make the ski bend a little more underfoot (if I can save a few ounces, that's a bonus too).  The ski as it is, performs brilliantly on groomers at speed, which is where it is really alive, smooth and stable. However, it is less versatile in crud and bumped up broken snow.  I would like to make it slightly more flexible underfoot...more compliant and playful, but without losing the smooth stable feel when carving.


So, the question is:  can this plate be easily removed and replaced with a different one? Does anyone have any experience with swapping out this kind of plate? If so, do you have any recommendations for a replacement? I am thinking the Tyrolia Speedplate 13 might be a good choice (http://www.tyrolia.com/ski-bindings/ski-binding-line-201011/plates/speedplate-plus-13/index.html ), which has a flexible center section which allows the ski to bend (I owned a pair of '09 Head SS Speed which had this plate).  However, what I am not sure of is whether this will make much difference to the flex and feel of the ski.  Any insight into this, or suggestions for other plates that might do the job are most welcome.


Thanks in advance....looking forward to some feedback.....

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I would counsel  against replacing the plate with these expectations.  The speedplate 13  is closer to a multiple mounting plate rather than a performance enhancing plate like the flow flex plate. 

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ScotsSkier, thanks for the reply.  Since my OP I have done two things:  tried to take the plate off by removing the four screws in the top (unsuccessful); and consulted with a couple of tech guys in some race shops in my area.  The verdict is that the plate is not coming off.  It is epoxied in place onto the ski, and cannot be easily removed.....not without a lot of heat and/or violence, that is.  The shop guys basically said the same thing you did -- adding a different plate may change the basic character of the ski, possibly for the worse.....gain some flex and make it lighter, but lose stability and torsional strength.


Bottom line is that if I want a more versatile ski that can handle crud, broken snow and bumps and is more lively at slower speeds; but is also smooth, stable and powerful at speed, I will have to look for a different ski.....or add a third ski to the quiver biggrin.gif

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