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Hello my fellow downhillers,

I decided to make the big jump and just managed to convince myself that my old equipment needed replacement.

Now for those who might ask I had a trusted Olin AMX 170 (yes these are just large cross-country skis) with Tyrolia 490 bindings and Salomon SX92 boots slippers and even if they did the job just fine I had to change. That was my error since I went out and tested a pair of K2 Shockwave.


I now stand before you with a new Atomic Nomad Smoke (not Ti) 164 with XTL9 bindings and Atomic Hawx80 boots.

I would like someone to point me in the right direction on where I can get the owner manuals and some juicy technical details.

Been on the Atomic web site and there is nothing more than a sales pitch regarding their products.

I need details, and reasons to love them more before I get into them.

I need to understand how they are supposed to work before I really push them, just a mind game I suppose.

I also need to understand the bindings adjustment to match my skills.


Any tips are welcome.