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Fit like Salomon

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I wear Impact 8 from Salomon. They fit my feet very well, and would like to know what boot might be similar. Maybe lighter, and hopefully a bit warmer

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add intuition liners to what you have.   Intuitions make boots warmer, and are lighter then stock liners.


usually getting cold is a result of wet liners, or lack of circulation.  new liners, or boots might not solve this. but if you go see a good boot fitter they can usually help

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Wot he says^^^^^ if the salomon fits well then stick with the salmon, there is not a lot lighter out there other than a touring boot in pebax with an intuition liner in it

One thing that might be causing the cold is compression from above the foot, this is something we have seen a bit in the impacts this season
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Cold is not that big of a problem, I was just wondering what boot being made now is similar to the impact 8. Either in Salomon, or another.

In case I go that way. I have already thought about the intuition for sure


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salomon still makes the impact boot, so you can get the same thing


that is a 100mm last, and most companies will make that mid volume shape

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