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Big Calfs

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My son has larger than average calf muscles form track, football...his Atomics are pinching his calfs. Are there any brands that are roomier in the cuff area than others? Specific models? Any fitting that will help?

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Hi Big Calfs,


A boot fitter should be able to flair the boot cuff rearward to accommodate your sons calf circumference, this will relieve the pinching.  This issue will also push his knee forward causing him to ski in a sitting back position, which will wear out his quads.  Also a more upright boot will work better and depending on his calf size may not need to be flaired back.



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also,  look for a boot in a smaller size,  YES smaller.


a smaller boot is not as tall, so it sits lower on his calfs, so less of his calf is in the boot.   Also, will hold his foot better, so more control.

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Thanks, we'll tke a trip to our local ski shop. I was going to look into shorter boots, now I'll see if I can get him into something snugger, these are his first "adult" boots and he didn't like the tight fit.

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