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Base tape worth it?

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I'm just wondering how others feel about using base tape, is it worth it? I've never used it in the past but I just picked up a new pair of Racetigers and was thinking about it.



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Depends on how finicky your are and time you want to spend. Simply wiping the bases frequently reduces the possibility of grinding edge material into the bases. Maintenance tunes with diamonds or stones leave less material than filing. For filing you may want to consider it.


Another option is to hot wax first (after deburring) and do a moderate hot scrape to remove excess wax and leave on a thin coat of wax. Let cool, tune edges, wipe frequently and then scrape and brush.

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I use it when working on new skis and when doing a major tune.  For in between edge/base work, I don't bother with it, but just keep the surface of the file/stone guide that contacts the base clean and wipe down the base frquently.

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